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*NEW* Dropper Game Mode For LOOT (Fortnite)

We use a Dropper Map for our LOOT!
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I love how his voice sounds so low in the intro, yet he’s a tea kettle in the actual video.

by Johnny Tejral 1 week ago

“Cat don’t have feet they have paws”

There is the quote

by Jeannie Frangos 1 day ago

SSundee: “I have a new combo!”
Everyone else: “Oh no...”

by Maxenify 1 week ago

“Cats don’t have feet they have paws”
-SSundee 2020

by Ultra Zifron 1 week ago

Me: reads the tilde. ok

Sees for loot

by maddox palmer 1 week ago

Only og remember “cobblestone=life”

by Swendym 1 week ago

True fact cats have night vision and that’s why they sleep most of the day there wake during the night cuz they see better

by Michael Waters 1 week ago

"Cats don't have feet, they have paws!"

I quoted that for u Ssundee 😂😂

by EpicMemeLord 225 6 days ago

is what it sounds like when you slouder a pig

by TALMAGE 1 week ago

ssundee has done many combos but none has reached the intense overwhelming power of the Flinkfishwavetrapfish :3

by Traitin 242 1 week ago

When Biffle uses a OP combo: pitty
When SSundee uses an OP combo : I cry myself to sleep

by Waffle Plate 1 week ago

Ssundee: “Ohhhhh, you gotta up down hit the round, foot your mouth and call it ground beef,”

Me: Dying of laughter

Everyone on discord: crickets

Me: oop

by Paws Show 8 hours ago

You should do a challenge where you can only use the guns you fish up!

by Alicia Isabel 1 week ago

"Edit me out of the video I don’t want to be here" 😂😂

by Xray25av 1 week ago

“Only Og’s remember the 2017 family feud series.”

by Robert Schafer 1 week ago

"Foot your mouth and call it grown beef" I'm starting to question myself why do I still watch him...

by Itatsu Sama 1 week ago

Dude I’ve been watching your videos since I was around six or seven and I’m twelve now and you still make me laugh no other youtuber has ever made me laugh as much as you thank you for all the amazing years

by Snowy 9501 1 week ago

“Love me , love say that you love me” I’m dead🤣🤣🤣

by Daniel Aguirre 1 week ago

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