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Chiraq Street Legends Ep.59: Lil Durk “The Voice Of The Streets”

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Sntv comes with another Epic video about the OTF General Lil durk
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Street Newz Tv photo 1 Chiraq Street Legends Ep.59: Lil... Street Newz Tv photo 2 Chiraq Street Legends Ep.59: Lil... Street Newz Tv photo 3 Chiraq Street Legends Ep.59: Lil... Street Newz Tv photo 4 Chiraq Street Legends Ep.59: Lil...

RIP NUSKI. I started listening to durk around the same time he passed.

by KikaTV 1 month ago

People don’t know is that Durk is the reason why everybody is so close! If Durk was to leave this earth today the OTF Alliance which is Lamron300, 600, Front $treet, Tay Town, Dogg Pound, Oblock, MurdaTown, & THF would never be the same! That’s how much of a part Durk plays in Chicago amongst all them hoods 💪🏾💯🔥!!!!

by TheOfficialFlyGuyTV 1 month ago

Durk earned this one gang no cap !! I respect durk !! Even tho I’m GD got to respect him as a man first

by Jamal Stacks 1 month ago

L’s up for them hittaz 💯💯💯

by blep blep 1 month ago

Seems like a humble guy, especially with the meals delivered to some of the essential workers in chicago.💯

by Kendrick Bell 1 month ago

Glad he moved on from Dissin opps that's literally a Dead End.... Salute to Durkio tho

by Skippy Tone 1 month ago

Rip Nunu he was so talented,he had the best chiraq remix and he was able to rap fr 😢. SNTV Always 🔥🔥🔥

by Santiago Biscontin 1 month ago

The REAL BOSS!! Head up durk , They hate you for being Loving you your People.❣🗣Voice of the streets. They can never say you don't help when you can!!

by Karl Grant 1 month ago

How ironic... Krump always clowned Durk for running but melly didn’t run into gunfire for him either... it’s not being scared it’s being smart

by Coco 205 1 month ago

Nuski wouldev been where durk is rn bra🗣💯his music will foreva be legendary idgaf💯

by 1016 Jose 1 month ago

The voice of the streets? I thought he was the 5 star war General, secetury of defense

by Jordy Tomas 1 month ago

Bro has one of the best channels up on YouTube...Bro keep it up bro

by André-Grant Larey 1 month ago

A lot people be hating on lil durk, but that happens when u great.

by Christopher Rawls 1 month ago

Nuski Was my favorite rapper then that happen😣

by MH VisionZZ 1 month ago

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