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Lady Gaga - La Vie En Rose (Tony Bennet 90 - 2016) // LADY GAGA REACTION VIDEO

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Time for another Lady Gaga reaction video. This time we react to: lady Gaga - La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaff Cover) live at Tony Bennet celebrates 90 in 2016.
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During this performance she had a cold, still nailed it.

by Customer Service 2 weeks ago

Could you please react to live version with Elton John of “Artpop”?

by Zuzanna Czarnecka 2 weeks ago

Love you guys' reactions! A bit more background on her tattoo; Tony's real last name is Benedetto. He's also an artist/painter and he drew that trumpet for her to get it tattooed :)

by Ruby P 2 weeks ago

yeaaaaah hello guys! i loooooooved that! she can sing everything ! i love "cheek to cheek" with tony bennett or "bang bang" (when she 's wearing a wig and latex red clothes) i think she understand piaf, she gets the passion, the true love, loosing all the people you care about, and she translates everything into emotions! gaga president! ahhaha!

by pitikiwi01 2 weeks ago

a very beautiful song, very well and beautiful performed! 👍🏻

by Th. Fol 2 weeks ago

She was ready to quit her career and tony basically was like “no, that’s not happening”

by Danii Decay 2 weeks ago

Tony made that tattoo that Gaga has in her arm

by usuario 22 2 weeks ago

Could you react to davina michelle-impossible please ?

by maargot azerty 2 weeks ago

A true performer

by JC 2 weeks ago

That was wonderful...such a great gift to sing that for Tony Bennett's 90th birthday celebration! Thanks for reacting to it. Yes, I hope you'll do more of these songs, maybe one she sang with Tony Bennett as well. I hope you're both doing okay! Hugs! PS Here is a link to The Lady is a Tramp . I think you'd get a kick out of it.

by Erin Uber 2 weeks ago

This is definitely one of her best renditions of this song.

by Customer Service 2 weeks ago

Hi are you going to react Mamamoo? .
Yes or not?
It's ok if you don't like

by R j 2 weeks ago

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