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Overwatch Anniversary 2020 ALL NEW SKINS! + Mercy Buff LIVE!

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Overwatch Anniversary 2020 all new skins and items! Overwatch Anniversary is here! These are all the new legendary skins avalible with the update! Little Red Ashe is utterly insane, what a skin! Dragoon Mercy is great! Masqurade Reaper, Submarine Wrecking Ball and Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta skins are also here! With the Anniversay 2020 Event comes a whole host of balance changes. Merch Healing buff goes live, Ana's healing nerf is live! Lots of balance changes to discuss! So let's do this, let's checkout all the new stuff for Overwatch Anniversary 2020!
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That echo emote seems more like ice-skating inspired more than ballet

by Dharsan 1 week ago

It's from "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allen Poe. The skin portrays Reaper as the Red Death from the story. A personification of plague, specifically Tuberculosis which took many of Poe's loved ones from him. Very topical skin amidst the covid crisis.

by Nibmeister 1 week ago

The zen skin actually has a really cool backstory for anyone interested.
Huitzilopochtli (pronounced Weetz-ee-loh-POSHT-lee and meaning "Hummingbird on the Left") was one of the most important of the Aztec gods, the god of the sun, warfare, military conquest and sacrifice, who according to tradition, led the Mexica people from Aztlan, their mythical homeland, into Central Mexico. According to some scholars, Huitzilopochtli could have been a historical figure, probably a priest, who was transformed into a god after his death.

by Ben 1 week ago

Why didnโ€™t Baptiste get a skin he has none. ๐Ÿ˜ข

by vLoco YT 1 week ago

Yeah people are being really harsh to mercyโ€™s skins because they want Pink mercy ๐Ÿคฃ

by Ozziewild Gaming 1 week ago

Itโ€™s Ramadan with the dates at the front

by ali alqazzaz 1 week ago

I can't wait to spam Are you quite done? to all the genjis spamming for healing.

by Hanzo Is A Healer 1 week ago

Oh my!! They put fasting spray. So nice of blizzard

by Ahmed Abubakr 1 week ago

โ€œBeatdown omg yes pleaseโ€ I think styโ€™s got a thing for Zarya judging by this and the previous skins video lmao

by Abdulrahman Almalki 1 week ago

Dude I just love the mccree skin simply for the Lone Ranger reference :joy:

by fish. 1 week ago

McCree's skin is in reference to the Lone Ranger.

by AgentParsec 1 week ago

how to pronounce zen skin: hoot-zil-oh-potch-lee

by chaziey 1 week ago

Mexican here, that is exactly how you say it

by Paco Vaca 1 week ago

Last anniversary till overwatch 2โค๏ธ

by LordOfWaffles32 1 week ago

idk if it was intentional but zens orbs look a bit like the layout of Tenochtitlan, the aztec capital. let me know if iโ€™m looking too deep

by Darth Vader 1 week ago

I mean yeah, new skins look cool.
Closes OW because there is nothing else

by Tiberius Moon 1 week ago

The BEST part about this was that Sigma is wearing shoes and you didn't cover that?!

by Kent Cross 1 week ago

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