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Today we check out the all the leaked mythic abilities and POI's that are coming to Fortnite Season 4! If you enjoyed, subscribe to help us reach 4.5 million subs!
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Hey everyone itโ€™s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Today we check out everything we know thats is coming to fortnite season 4! I'm super excited for season 4 of chapter 2!
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SypherPK photo 1 HUGE LEAKS About The IRON... SypherPK photo 2 HUGE LEAKS About The IRON... SypherPK photo 3 HUGE LEAKS About The IRON... SypherPK photo 4 HUGE LEAKS About The IRON...

Excited for the next Fortnite update, should drop sometime next week!

by SypherPK 12 hours ago

you know everyoneโ€™s gonna be using Thorโ€™s hammer as a junkrift

by Peter Haun 12 hours ago

I laughed out loud at how quickly he went from yelling when he won to talking about Thorโ€™s ability

by TJCustoms 12 hours ago

Sypher gets a clutch win with no mats
Him: Lets gooo
Awkward moment of silence
Also Him: Thor is going to have an ability .....

by xVaid 12 hours ago

Congrats, you found my comment out of the 1.8k others!

Here's a watermelon:

by Matthew Schill 11 hours ago

It broke my heart when he pickaxed the llama, he wasted a punchcard

by Thundergaber 11 hours ago

I literally got a avengers ad while watching this vid ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Azurelet 12 hours ago

Shypher: the ability lets you leap in the air like the mythic sword from season 7
Thanos: am I a joke to you?

by Howie Playz 10 hours ago

Sypher: "Jeez what is this mythic ability"
Me: "New stream sniper mythic ability"

by Foxy 306 11 hours ago

โ€œIn my culture, death is not the endโ€ - Black Panther

by Mummy God.111 12 hours ago

Sypher: that a lotta damage.
Me: this is gonna be on the Internet forever.

by NRG RIFTZ_YT 12 hours ago

Sypher being 99 health had a campfire and some corn on the ground and he still didnโ€™t heal up!
He is mocking the OCD gang

by Fortnite News Daily 12 hours ago

people get likes for random words so heres one: crocodile.

by newfy fn 13 hours ago

wait I didnโ€™t know you could redeploy after jumping on those

by FearFN 11 hours ago

I am already getting a bit bored but with all of this coming this season is looking pretty good!

by Fortnite News Daily 13 hours ago

Spyher: 99 health
Me: eat he apple, eat the apple EAT THE APPLE!!

by Leo Doyle 9 hours ago

SypherPK: Flys up using his propellers

Marvel Nerds they are his thrust

by ZAR YEET 7 hours ago

sypher misses 1 shot
Sypher:I am so bad can't hit shots
Me misses every single shot even doe they stand still
Me:welp... Close enough

by Coolred ใƒ„ 12 hours ago

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