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Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck With U (Lyrics)

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where is everybody listening from? 🥰

by SyrebralVibes 3 weeks ago

I feel like this is a song I would listen to if there was a sunset, like a beach and a sunset. I would be vibing

by Kittenzandcookie 3 weeks ago

Ariana Grande:stuck with her dog
Justin Biber: stuck with his wife
Me:stuck in my room

by Jovana Ristovska 3 weeks ago

Roses are red
Cherries are too
I got my first like
But why is it blue??

by Arya R 3 weeks ago

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber fans hit like.

by Suja Elavunkal 3 weeks ago

everyone: shocked bc ari is dating dalton
ariantors: we been knew lol

btw if ur an arianator and u didnt know, its alright ur not a “fake” arianator dont worry :)

by alexia tngy 3 weeks ago

Ariana Grande: stuck with her dog
Justin Bieber: stuck with his wife
Me: stuck with my assignments that I didn’t do because I’m a procrastinator like that and I’m crying rn

by Pardeep Kaur 2 days ago

Justin Bieber: stuck with his wife

Ariana Grande: stuck with her dog

Everyone: stuck in quarantine

(I got this idea from another comment so go and like their comment instead)

by Jocelyn Magana 1 day ago

Imagine your stuck in quarantine with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you jobs are on pause and you live in your house together and all you have to do all day is love eachother. No responsibilities no other things you need but eachother. You could sit at home all day and just be with eachother, vibe, do stupid shit, have lots of fun😏, and just appreciate eachother. This song gives me that mood. Wouldn't it be a perfect world to know all you need is that person you love so much and your only job is to love and care for them. And in those moments nothing else matters but seeing their smile...

Sorry I'm in me feelings😔

by just so I can comment 3 weeks ago

This kinda sounds like:
"This love" by Camila Cabello
"Love on the Brain" by Rihanna And
"Lover" by Taylor Swift!!!
Or is it just me????

by Humsha 000 1 day ago


by Kienan4321 3 weeks ago

Ariana : Stuck with u
Justin : Stuck with u
Me : Stuck with who ?

I'm single. So sad

by Theerawat Ratree 3 weeks ago

2009=stuck in the moment
2020=stuck with you

by mauli prasad 3 weeks ago

Ariana: Stuck with boyfriend
Justin: Stuck with wife
Me: I'm stuck with u stuck with u stuck with u points at the mirror

pardon my lonely self

by sha1015 1 day ago

Does anyone else remember when Ariana was on victorious and Sam and cat? She changed so much

by Sincerely_Lyzi 3 weeks ago

JB and Ariana: "I'm stuck with you, I'm stuck with you."
Me: Yeah, I'm really stuck AT HOME DURING QUARANTINE.

by Simon Sharma 3 weeks ago

who else made a remix and dedicated it there siblings

nope js me right well here it is

I don't want to stick around one strike and ur done kid
don't care if I sound crazy
but u never let me down so go get meeeee some hot Cheetos
thats why when the suns up I'm still staying in my beed sleeping
oh oh oh oh got all this time in my hands
might as well get out my face and go do youuu you youuu
so lock my door and get out
ima fight uuuuu if u don't get out
and theres nothing I nothing I nothing I can do I'm STUCK WITH YOU STUCK WITH STUCK WITH

I'm still working on it so chilllll I get it its not that good

by luxmy gonzalez 3 days ago

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