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How Tattoos Age Over Time: reasons and advices

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Your new tattoo might look pretty awesome now, but have you ever wondered what it'll look like when you're older? Well check out these tattoos to see for yourself how tattoos change over time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRuIa...
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by Tattoo World 2 years ago

Am I the only one who liked the after picture of the sky diving tattoo better than the start picture?

by Destinie Holston 2 years ago

The reaosn most of these have faded so much and so quickly is because they don't have a strong outline and are poorly done to begin with

by jon smith 2 years ago

This video is a great example of some poorly done tattoos. Whether it was the ink, the artist, or the healing, or all three, proper care was not put into these tattoos for them to last. I have 5 tattoos. And all of them look the same as after they first healed. One in particular is full colour with no outline and it looks the exact same, no fading, no shifting, it's not misshapen. It's 4 years old mark just passed.
That being said, there is some decent advice in this video. But always do your research about finding a good artist. Inks too and ask what kind they're using. And listen to your artist when they tell you how to heal. Do research on how to keep your tattoos sharp. And if you're a first timer or live alone, get it in a place that makes it easy to care for (eg, not your back).

by Metalhead 1966 2 years ago


by Papychull 3 years ago

i dont even have a tattoo. What am I actually doing here?

by Philipp Flipper 2 years ago

That is what happens when people don't take care of there tattoos

by Aaron Simmons 2 years ago

Next video should be "awesome tattoo's that stood the test of time"

by James Elwood 2 years ago

this is why it's best to splurge a little bit and go to a professional shop, even for simple designs. they're more likely to have higher quality materials to give you better results.

by Jamie Jared 2 years ago

Most of the tattoos in the video are really bad quality tattoos, like the one at its a good tattoo and it still looks awesome. Also the background doesn't have red ink, it's blood from getting the tattoo.

by Dkaos Santos 2 years ago

if you take care of them none of this will happen. lotion every day take care of the skin it will always look good i got lots and like 10 year old and they look like I got them done yesterday.

by James Russell 2 years ago

everything fades with time! I have tats that are 18 years old and the fact that they show the passage of time makes them even more meaningful to me! I have physical proof to remind me that I didn't just imagine or dream the past

by 8-Bit Assault 2 years ago

Im sorry to say, but a lot of those examples are obviously not done with good quality ink, and not laid in well enough, i have tattoos that are 32 years old and more and look better than some of the above at 4 years and less.

by ooGOLDYoo IMVU 2 years ago

or just look after and care for your tattoos properly so that fading is reduced.

by Darth James 2 years ago

My oldest tattoo is 11 years old and my newest is 2.5-3 years old. None of mine have faded badly like that, and I hope it never happens. I always wear spf and gloves for my finger tattoos.

by Alex 2 years ago

that one with the fall out boy is probably happy its faded.😂

by Bad Jokes 2 years ago

If half of the tattoo has faded after 2 - 6 weeks it's a really shitty made tattoo. My oldest tattoo is only 2 years old, but it's in watercolor realism, which can fade really quickly if done wrong. It also has yellow in it which is a color known to fade quicker than others. It still looks brand new and even my tattoo artist was impressed by how vibrant it still is. I'm using 70+ spf sunscreen whenever I go out and keep it moisturised, but that's it.

by AM 2 years ago

Still worth it. You can always have them touched up at some point. All tattoos "spread out" at some point, but one of the tricks I know of is to have color outlined in black as much as possible, as in Old School style ink. Black ink doesn't spread or fade as readily as colors do.

by Mrs.Tyrant 3 years ago

I have had tattoos nearly 20 years and they are fine..

by Sanecatlady 2 years ago

I use sunscreen everyday on my artwork, I have lots of colourful ink and use 110 sunblock as part of my morning routine, not only a lot of $ but I do love them everyday!! keep the world beautiful get inked!!

by Dana20570 2 years ago

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