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What is a coronavirus? - Elizabeth Cox

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Dig into the science of coronaviruses and find out how they cause diseases such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19..
For almost a decade, scientists chased the source of a deadly new virus through China’s tallest mountains and most isolated caverns. They finally found it in the bats of Shitou Cave. The virus in question was a coronavirus that caused an epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, in 2003. So what exactly is a coronavirus, and how does it spread? Elizabeth Cox explains.
Lesson by Elizabeth Cox, directed by Anton Bogaty.
Animator's website: https://www.instagram.com/anton_bogaty/
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What is coronavirus?

The cause of the great toilet paper crisis of 2020

by Mini Montessori 2 weeks ago

Even an animated intro character wear a mask

Animated dude> Karens

by Andy Quân 2 weeks ago

A virus trying to infect you?

Just say NO

They can’t legally infect you without your consent.

by 「 BlueberryCheesePie 」 2 weeks ago

TED-Ed: what is coronavirus?
Me: a pandemic causing the shortage of toilet paper, masks and sanitisers

by Deepika Chandra 2 weeks ago

TedEd: What is a coronavirus

Me an intelectual: a virus

by Rose Blunt 2 weeks ago

I like how in the logo, the person wears a mask post this pandemic.

by Aryan Kuckian 2 weeks ago

The mask protecc, it fight bacc but most Inportantly, we stay bacc

by C y z y 2 weeks ago

No one:

by Tuhin Singh 2 weeks ago

Completely random fact: Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.

by SciFacts 2 weeks ago

I love the narrator's voice! So calming.

by Elysian 2 weeks ago

I like how the face in your intro is wearing a mask to stop spreading the virus

by Mateusz Ponikowski 2 weeks ago

Every One could agree that the Masked Intro is the best

by Duck Less 2 weeks ago

such a good trickster, hope he goes viral on the internet for his tricks

by choo choo pickle pie 2 weeks ago

90% of the people in the comments section:
The intro was amazing because of the mask

Why are they saying this? Even though everyone saw this in the soap vs sanitiser video. I think not everyone.

by Labib Khan 2 weeks ago

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