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Tee Grizzley - The Smartest Intro (feat. Mustard) [Official Video]

Tee Grizzley photo 1 Tee Grizzley - The Smartest... Tee Grizzley photo 2 Tee Grizzley - The Smartest... Tee Grizzley photo 3 Tee Grizzley - The Smartest... Tee Grizzley photo 4 Tee Grizzley - The Smartest...

It's actually horrifying that Tee Grizzley doesn't get the recognition he desereves,while clowns like 69 get all the clout in the world. Just shows how our generation loves "Fast Food" everything.

by Vah King 5 days ago

“ If my money wore clothes it would shop at big and tall” 🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Jay Bo 5 days ago

Maybe this will get all his shit heard, underrated to the fullest. Damn

by Mike B. 5 days ago

“Granny use to try and have me on some get a job shih; I ain’t get a job bih that’s nonsense Im robbin’ ”

Funny af because I imagine Lamilton from Boondocks saying that.

by yngSimba 5 days ago

How my dude doesn’t have more followers then 6ix9ine I’ll never figure

by Fernando G 5 days ago

For those whom been in a similar position like him in life understands...people do disappear ...

by Ricardo Troutman 4 days ago

RIP TO AUNTIE JB Tee my family so that make the the one and only JB my family

by deondre 5 days ago

I was Broke , started Listenning to Tee & Meek's Songs , Now i Got a JOB .

by Rahul Sanas 6 days ago

Gotta be the most underrated rapper in the game. Man is straight up preaching.

by Joseph B 2 days ago

When he said “I know how it feel to not have no family , I wish I could bring back my dead and gone family” I felt that 💔

by TrappedGreens 3 days ago

"I dont care how many timed you go to sleep broke you can STILL wake up rich" - Sauce

by BvsedGreggo 4 days ago

Ok but what happened to part 2 of “robbery”

by IOS Gameplay 6 days ago

“Use to carry bottles to sto hoping nobody see me” mannnnnnn what💯💯💯

by AntCookin 6 days ago

this song make me wanna tell my parents they're adopted

by anti.Social 5 days ago

“I wish I could bring back my dead and gone family” who felt dat

by Yougin 954 3 days ago

Ain't 1 bad Tee Grizzley song can't nobody tell me otherwise .

by G3 Gaming 5 days ago

when we gone give mustard his flowers been at it for like 10 summers

by Nate In The Z28 5 days ago

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