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Super Cat Tales 2 - TOP 5 POWERS IN REAL LIFE!?

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Thank you so much for watching! BRAND NEW SUPER CAT TALES 2 VIDEO PERSONALITY TEST! https://youtu.be/eeaJBjZUHfU
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Cat adventure game, with new cats!
Join Alex the cat and his friends in this new super platformer adventure. A mysterious army of tin soldiers has invaded Cat Land and it's up to our cat heroes to save the day.
Super Cat Tales 2 is a pure mix of platform fun and explorative adventure, custom made for mobile touch controls. Play this new mobile game right meow!
Features, • Play 100+ levels!!
• Unlock new cats
• Boss Battles
• Explore villages.
• Equip neat items
• Discover hidden secrets
• Retro pixel art and music
• Achievements and leaderboards
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🐱👍 BRAND NEW SUPER CAT TALES Super Mario Bros crossover!

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by TeeTekTrab 9 months ago

RIP Olli is gonna scream when he sees Mcmeow like this

by DAGOGO FUBARA 9 months ago

I would have Kuro’s ability, Alex’s ability, McMeow’s ability, Luna’s ability and Olli’s ability :)

by King Furret 10 months ago

I'd have Luna and mc meow's abilities. there very useful :3

by Whiskers the cat 1 year ago

Luna, mcmeow, Alex, olli, Brutus,shinji, Amy and kuro abilies
But mcmeow power its powerfull

by Simão Costa 9 months ago

Oli can't fly in super cat tales 2 just in super cat bros in the sec. Version he is like Mc meow

by Bird Luver 11 months ago

Fun fact! If you run on water with Shinji, he will actually hop over it! It’s really cool!
And also I would like to have Luna’s powers :D

by Arcticider4 / Meme Fox YT 1 year ago

I like the kuro ability to shine any dark areas :)

by Nik Mohd Fadil 3 weeks ago

Great video mate love the editing and narration!! Love the top 5 style too! You're super cat knowledge is formidable!!

I'd go for stationery invulnerability ;)

by Chronik Spartan - Game Developer 1 year ago

Luna's standing still not Abel to get damage

by matt moses 5 months ago

I want more super Cat tales 2 videos

by Simão Costa 9 months ago

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