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Lady Gaga - Studio vs Acoustic Live Performances! (2020)

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- That'sSoKatie - photo 1 Lady Gaga - Studio vs... - That'sSoKatie - photo 2 Lady Gaga - Studio vs... - That'sSoKatie - photo 3 Lady Gaga - Studio vs... - That'sSoKatie - photo 4 Lady Gaga - Studio vs...

She was so skinny back in TFM era. She looks so much healthier now.

by Breathin Ariana 1 week ago

The Studio Version Performances make me think "Omg, she is amazing performer, look at the decor, her costume, her dance, everything is amazing", while the Acoustic Version Performances make me think "So beautiful, emotional song and amazing voice". The difference is huge for me

by Real Potatos 1 week ago

what about telephone, hair, gypsy, brown eyes and others? they had studio and acoustic lives too

by Queen of Pop 1 week ago

I canยดt choose especcially in poker face and bad romance, both versions are amazing ; z ;

by Hed-arT 4021 1 week ago

DWUW missing This song is also in acoustic

by Mario B 1 week ago

Marry the night acoustic gives me a TEARS...!!! SO The edge of glory ...too

by Kukuh Santoso 1 week ago

yasss ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– im a big fan of her piano versionsss

by Lory 1 week ago

Yesterday I was the first at the comment section, but now no!

by Jazz Vivas 1 week ago

hangin on a moment of shoof.

by Lory 1 week ago

pAws UP lovesโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

by Gaga4ever 1 week ago

I love how Speechless is actually fairly different compared to the studio version. Youโ€™d think it be the same given itโ€™s a ballad.

by Rigel Orion 1 week ago

Omg my idea!!!
Thank u so much !!

by Not God 1 week ago

Live queen ๐Ÿ‘ธ

by Oo Ok 1 week ago

Acoustic Eh, Eh and Paparazzi are way better than the studio versions to me!!

by Rigel Orion 1 week ago

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