TBL 20.33 Chesapeake Bankruptcy Leak | Beware Crypto Scammers | US Giving up Crypto Lead to China

The rambling blabbering of some internet dude from Blabberlon!
Today's focus in on cryptocurrency and other bitcoin scams. Being a nascent asset class or industry, the scammers are out in full force. Beware. Nobody is going to send you 2BTC for sending them 1BTC.
There is great potential within the digital asset space but one must be extremely vigilant.
Along with crypto news we'll take a look at the markets and the news that Chesapeake Energy has now filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Folks, this is just the start. Expect many more bankruptcies over the coming months and into early next year.
In fact, that's the question we have for our online oracle, the 8 ball economist. Will any of the airlines go bankrupt this year?
Dum spiro spero,
PS. None of this is financial advice. Just some internet dude sharing his thoughts about matters of the day. Do your own diligence and research. This is pure entertainment that hopefully, will get you thinking. That's all.

The Black Letter photo 1 TBL 20.33 Chesapeake Bankruptcy Leak... The Black Letter photo 2 TBL 20.33 Chesapeake Bankruptcy Leak... The Black Letter photo 3 TBL 20.33 Chesapeake Bankruptcy Leak... The Black Letter photo 4 TBL 20.33 Chesapeake Bankruptcy Leak...

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