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World’s Funniest Comics on The Graham Norton Show | Volume 1

The Graham Norton Show photo 1 World’s Funniest Comics on The... The Graham Norton Show photo 2 World’s Funniest Comics on The... The Graham Norton Show photo 3 World’s Funniest Comics on The... The Graham Norton Show photo 4 World’s Funniest Comics on The...

I love how Graham just lets his guests talk with each other without interrupting.

by Soundarya Venkataraman 1 year ago

I’m an American and I have to say that British talk shows are much more entertaining and lively than American talk shows.

by Steven Dowens 1 year ago

I still cannot get over the amazing chemistry between Chris Martin, Rosamund Pike and Michael McIntyre. That bit's absolutely hilarious.
''If I'll ever go solo that'll be my stage name.''
''No, legs akimbo!''

by T Gev 1 year ago

"His feet are big too! Let him dream!" God such a quick joke that was so passed over haha

by hozzyboy 1 year ago

If Jimmy Fallon was interviewing these guest their story's would all sound like this
Guest "So one time"

by Merchant Ivory 3 months ago

That Greg Davies story at the end is probably the funniest story ever told on television

by Logan Rogers 11 months ago

“And when I was at home my mother did my washing for me because i was only 33” 😂 Greg’s subtle delivery of that part is just fantastic 😂

by Balu Rajguru 11 months ago

.....when you make Jodie Foster, Ryan Gosling, AND Russell Crowe crack up. You know your story is legend 😂😁

by sappitytap82 11 months ago

Ryan Gosling barely keeping it together during the last bit.

by theR0nin 1 year ago

Robin was so whip smart and situationally aware he was never left in the lurch for something clever to say. So brutal he's not here anymore.

by Hank Chinaski 1 year ago

Can't believe Robin Williams is no longer with us. Just felt this sad emptiness when watching this clip. What a genius. RIP 😣

by Aqua K 1 year ago

"I got circumcised in Disneyland, gnegnegne" Robin Williams

by Michael keaton 1 week ago

It's so cool how Chris Martin and Rosamund Pike are wittily adding in to Michael McIntyre's story. :D

by Esther Bueno-Bautista 1 year ago

Robin Williams... You are missed

by Marti A 1 year ago

I can't get over imagining a 5 foot tall Maltese man approaching a large Australian security guard and kindly asking "are you familiar with hanky-panky?"

by ILCEM-Y 9 months ago

As an audiologist, the last story about the teacher's microphone is absolutely priceless. :)

by AMPAUD215 11 months ago

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