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Colin questions if JR Smith is enough for LeBron & Lakers, talks KD leaving Warriors | THE HERD

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Colin Cowherd talks some NBA on today's show. Hear why isn't sure if adding JR Smith is enough for the Los Angeles Lakers and why he still believes Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors was a huge mistake.
#TheHerd #NBA #LeBron #KevinDurant #JRSmith #Lakers #Warriors
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Colin questions if Smith is enough for LeBron & Lakers, talks KD leaving Warriors | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd photo 1 Colin questions if JR Smith... The Herd with Colin Cowherd photo 2 Colin questions if JR Smith... The Herd with Colin Cowherd photo 3 Colin questions if JR Smith... The Herd with Colin Cowherd photo 4 Colin questions if JR Smith...

The thumbnail looks like LeBron and JR are trying to get their beards unstuck.

by Darin Pirkey 5 days ago

Colin “piano on his back” Cowherd.

by Luke Lawhorn 5 days ago

Troy Daniels don’t even play for them 😂😂😂

by Jabel sosseh 5 days ago

I wish they could pick up Vince Carter to let him go out in style.

by Edward Mason 5 days ago

“ I’ve never seen Kyle Kuzma hit a shot “ - Colin cowherd

by sneakyracoon773 5 days ago

Does he not realize he is "the media" lol

by devincognito 5 days ago

really..... the lebron has no "Help" thing again.

by Uncle Cuban 5 days ago

Colin forgets that "The Media" (which somehow never includes him) wasn't criticizing LeBron's decision to leave Cleveland for Miami, but criticizing the seemingly offhand and disrespectful way he did it. But then again Colin has never let reality stop him from making the point he decided he wanted to make.

by John Kunn 5 days ago

Completely overrating the clips role players and underrating the Lakers’ lol

by Steven Ellis 5 days ago

Already finding excuses for Bron like for real ? Every single year the same story

by Akai 4 days ago


by Dominique Jefferson 5 days ago

Bradly Beal’s amazing. Who the heck are they gonna give the wizards

by bensodas 5 days ago

JR: “Ayo Bron, why Kevin Love have one eyebrow now?”

by KenyelxoTV 5 days ago

This dude called lebron an ELITE 3 point shooter😂😂😂😂just Embarrassing

by ifeanyi akpa 5 days ago

AD literally hit a buzzer-beating three on a double clutch shot over Westbrook and Durant that eventually put the Pels over OKC for the 8th seed in 2015 but ok...

by Dušan Aleksić 5 days ago

Where’s the divorce analogy come on uncle Colin

by Kaliko Khronic 5 days ago

Heat unraveled after lebron? In 1 year they were back in the playoffs and area good organization 😂. Lakers would unravel without Lebron? They had him last year and missed the playoffs now the have AD and they are good

by Sean Fuller 5 days ago

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