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Saagar and Ryan Grim: SHOCK SCOTUS decision on abortion shows GOP SELLOUT to big business

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Saagar Enjeti and The Intercept's Ryan Grim discuss Chief Justice John Roberts decision to join the The Supreme Court's four liberals to strike down Louisiana abortion restrictions.
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The Hill photo 1 Saagar and Ryan Grim: SHOCK... The Hill photo 2 Saagar and Ryan Grim: SHOCK... The Hill photo 3 Saagar and Ryan Grim: SHOCK... The Hill photo 4 Saagar and Ryan Grim: SHOCK...

Ryan Grimm is right on. When SCOTUS struck down abortion restrictions in RvW the Southern Baptist leadership said, "Thank God, our daughters will no longer be slaughtered in back alleys." Then a group of radical Catholics went to work on them and changed their minds. What's going on with John Roberts? History is recording this era as the Roberts Court and Chief Justice Roberts is protecting his legacy and his name. Earl Warren did a bit of the same back in the day.

by Edward Siegel 4 days ago

“Meanwhile we all continue to lose.” Don’t ever lose that level of honesty Saagar. Keep up the great work team!

by BallardsTube 4 days ago

Toobin wanted to send Snowden to jail for the rest of his life. He’s not progressive, just another neoliberal fake woke douche.

by Cold Forged 4 days ago

Wait a moment. What is the problem here – that an allegedly conservative judge of the supreme court turns out to be actually impartial what judges are expected to be in the first place? Trump's (or better: the GOP's) puppet judge has his own faculty of discerning? How shocking!

by Hape 4 days ago

Let’s keep in mind this is still a conservative SC, they ruled today to allow religious schools to get taxpayer money

by Miguel Baca 4 days ago

Have you ever met anyone who says "Choose Life" and means both words equally?

How can you make something a true moral choice and a crime? How can you believe in "choose life" but put money above life?

by Sonja Rajkovich 4 days ago

It's obvious that the supreme court just wants to maintain the status quo.

by spawndn72 4 days ago

A) Judicial decisions should be impartial, non-partisan, and based on the merits - not evaluated based on their degree of adherence to partisan ideology. This whole federal court system is yet another example of naked corruption.
B) At this point, who can truly be surprised that, whatever they say, both parties exclusively service the plutocracy and have no interest in serving regular people, regardless of nominal ideology or principles?
C) Aren't conservatives the ones who are always touting the value of strict meritocracy? If so, how can it be the preferred conservative position to allow businesses to fire people based on identify rather than qualifications and ability to do the work? Shouldn't conservatives be celebrating the decision regarding transgender people?

by Charles Forbin 4 days ago

Honestly, who cares how they get there - just get there. These petty tricks and traps to try and cheat people out of their confidential healthcare needs have to stop.

by PurushaDesa 4 days ago

"abortion movement" is how Saagar defines pro choice when Krystal is away

by Joanna Hampton 4 days ago

As Chris Hedges says, “ judicial fiat”

by rory ferriera 4 days ago

GOP hasn’t sold out to big business when big business is all they care about.

by Tyler Hackner 4 days ago

Krystal is taking a week vacation with her family for forth of July. they both deserve a break in my opinion

by MrProtoblues 4 days ago

The church should have known, you dance with the devil you get burned.

by 2B REAL 4 days ago

“The abortion movement” Saager I’ll always hear you out but sometimes you show me something about your perspective and it disappoints me.

by Wheaty23 4 days ago

I was 30 (51 now) when I realized how both these parties were basically on the same team. Seems like more people would have awakened at this point.

by Burke Jones 4 days ago

Roberts upholding an anti-women's rights law would have made as much sense as Japan bombing Pearl Harbor. They would have awakened a sleeping giant that would destroy them politically and financially. The GOP would become a minority party for a decade.

by It's All Fun and Games 4 days ago

I wonder...how does Saagar think this decision affects working-class women?

by Steven Killeen 4 days ago

"The Bro Show" Saagar you dork lol

by Ionic 4 days ago

"the bro show" lolol

by bridge4 4 days ago

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