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Saagar Enjeti: Does latest Obamagate BOMBSHELL show conspiracy?

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Saagar Enjeti discusses Susan Rice's involvement in Obamagate.
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The Hill photo 1 Saagar Enjeti: Does latest Obamagate... The Hill photo 2 Saagar Enjeti: Does latest Obamagate... The Hill photo 3 Saagar Enjeti: Does latest Obamagate... The Hill photo 4 Saagar Enjeti: Does latest Obamagate...

While my views about 90% of time side with Krystal, on this instance Iโ€™m completely with Saagar.

by Drazen Elez 1 week ago

Oh boy - dead give away: Susan Rice's whole body is literally heaving up and down - she is PETRIFIED and LYING.

by beulah liebenberg 1 week ago

Another clear example of Susan Rice lying through her teeth doesnโ€™t seem important to her?

by Stephen Kenmey 1 week ago

Rice was very anxious when answering question. You can see her visually getting uncomfortable.

by frank zappa 1 week ago

I have to disagree with what Krystal was saying at the end about how it's usually stupidity/incompetence that causes missteps in government. Rather I think that's what they would want us to believe.

by Rael0505 1 week ago

krystal is only good when she likes what shes reporting on

by Owen 1 week ago

Total bull! NOTHING will ever happen. There will be no indictments of any deep-$tate players... because the rule of law in the US has completely collapsed. It has been replaced with worthless rhetoric that protects the ruling class, both left and right.

by Richard Ralph Roehl 1 week ago

I'm with Saagar on this one.

by g0zillaman 1 week ago

If Bill Kristol and John Brennan can be considered to be on the "left", we have to seriously ask what the "left" is.

by Sharon Abreu 1 week ago

does Michael Flynn have to be a hero for us to care about Executive overreach?

by Justin Chambers 1 week ago

Obama saying โ€œDo we trust him?โ€ might seem normal to you, but this is not a judgment call for an outgoing POTUS to make. Like it or not, and I donโ€™t, the American people elected Trump. There are Constitutional mechanisms to deal with this, and the outgoing POTUS delivering standing orders to survive his term of office is not one of them. Look at the precedent not the personalities. .

by kathy woods 1 week ago

In that interview, Susan Rice's body language tipped her hand too! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

by REGII RECORDS 1 week ago

I love how these two can disagree and still be civil to each other

by Imperial D 1 week ago

The MSM while almost universally mocked by both progressives and conservatives still holds incredible power, this is a real scandel but because msm outlets arent covering it/blowing it up...then nothing happens, no outrage, no consequences

by john doe 1 week ago

Krystal misses it big time on this one.

by Zadie B 1 week ago

Handle it by the book. "Average FISA Warrant" 20 material falsehoods per application Mess up that much on your next IRS submission.

by Biostalker420 1 week ago

Implicating Flynn by saying "he's no saint" is like blaming the postman for delivering your package a day late.

by yumpladukfoo 1 week ago

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