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Scientists Discover 6 New Coronaviruses In Bats

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Scientists have isolated 6 new Covid viruses in bats, but before you start to panic, the new strains of viruses were discovered in preventative measure to get ahead of a possible new pandemic virus lurking. In today's new video we'll show you how the scientists conducted their experiments on the bats, and which bat species are the most deadly carriers of viruses.
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The Infographics Show photo 1 Scientists Discover 6 New Coronaviruses... The Infographics Show photo 2 Scientists Discover 6 New Coronaviruses... The Infographics Show photo 3 Scientists Discover 6 New Coronaviruses... The Infographics Show photo 4 Scientists Discover 6 New Coronaviruses...

Everyone: Wow, it looks like we're through the worst of COVID-19.

Bats: Wave 1 Completed

by Ryan Smith 1 week ago

No one:

Bats: I have over 9000 diseases in me.

by Herronoob Wok 1 week ago

No One:

Infographics Show: How to cause a panic in under 8 minutes.

by jonokai 1 week ago

Bats: We're doing sequel, prequel,and some spin-off

by Nick Gehr 1 week ago

RIP All of Kids Who Have Anti Vaxxers As Parents

by Tundra 1 week ago

covid-19: finally coming to an end

bats: this the remix

by IAmUnamed 1 week ago

Thanos : collects 6 stones to destroy humanity
Bats: collects 6 new Corona virus to destroy humanity

by Bero Grasto 1 week ago

Infographics: Scientists Discover 6 New Coronaviruses In Bats!
Me: *Jazz Music Stops*

by Bella The llama 1 week ago

Covid-19 ends

2020: hold up lemme get something

by Lynn M 1 week ago

Scientist: exposes that bats host multiple viruses
Mukbang Youtubers: eats bats
Scientist:surprised pikachu face

by whut 1 week ago

thats another one for apocalypse bingo

by slbreeden 1 week ago

"2020 is almost half way over"

"Is 2020 a bad year or a bad decade?"

by vengful howl 2358 1 week ago

COVID-19: prepare for trouble
Bats: and make it double

by omerkaboom 1 week ago

Now we now why Batman had such a fear of bats. He's incredibly smart so he knew they carry diseases like this.

by King Wilson 1 week ago

Covid-19: Ends
Bats: This isn't even my final form.

by Mannaseh Lina 1 week ago

Me: 2020 can't get any worst
Bat: Man go eat bat ha ha

by The Cr0sad3r 1 week ago


by pug master 1 week ago

Covid 19: ends

Bats: lemme tell you something, lemme tell you....

by lauva 1 week ago

Covid-19 (Corona Virus): Already deadly and scary everybody.

Edit: I KNOW the facts and stats of covid-19, just let me make a cliche YouTube comment

by Yeejzong Vue 1 week ago

Great, now we found covid20, covid21, covid22, covid23, covid24 and covid25

by Don L 1 week ago

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