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Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For Spotify & $100 million

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The Jimmy Dore Show photo 1 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For... The Jimmy Dore Show photo 2 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For... The Jimmy Dore Show photo 3 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For... The Jimmy Dore Show photo 4 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For...

I hate Spotify, but anything that punishes YouTube works for me.

by Bennie Blanks 1 month ago

He’s getting paid to smoke weed, drink good whiskey and talk to people 😂 good for him.

by Erin Lundgren 1 month ago

Tomorrow's headline: Google Acquires Spotify

by bilishu aliss 1 month ago

Everyone should leave YouTube. YouTube has been censoring all the free thinkers and it continues to get worse!

by Budzterr 1 month ago

Spotify " We're offering you $100 million"
Joe "Not even remotely close"
Spotify "And a top of the line hemp-sauna, with a sunroof and a DMT steamer"
Joe "If you have a pen, it's entirely possible"

by Jo Po 1 month ago

YouTube needs competition it’s so biased and controls everything

by North Fork Lures 1 month ago

Dave Chappelle talking about how rich Kevin Hart is....
Joe Rogan “Hold my DMT”

by Bryson Taylor 1 month ago

Joe Rogan gets 100+ million bonus to become Spotify exclusive; added bonuses of no censorship and more generous Ad revenue %.

What does Spotify get for their investment? Their stock value has increased more than 5 billion dollars in less than 48 hours.

50x return on investment in two days. Who loses? crApple and Google.

by noYOU'RE aHOOKER 1 month ago

Rogans been giving you shoutouts for a reason. Wants to give you some of his YouTube audience. You gotta carry his torch

by seeriu ciihy 1 month ago

It's funny Howard Stern said podcast weren't going anywhere.

by Freddy fretboard 1 month ago

It’s like watching my Jewish grandpa deliver this news to me... “what is Spotify??” “How do people get tattoos”

by Meera Maren Blair 1 month ago

I'd leave YouTube for $100 million too.

by MrEvolved 1 month ago

Spotify..”We don’t have the money to pay musicians what they deserve.”

by Jimbo Jazz1620 1 month ago

Everyone says, “OK, boomer” but nobody asks “boomer, are you ok?”

by Jeff Phillips 1 month ago

I watch JRE a lot, and I hate using Spotify, but I love anything that takes a bite out of YouTube.

by Rob Robert 1 month ago

You know how many times Joe and other youtubers say “we shouldn’t do that, we’ll get a strike on YouTube”? I hope now he can do whatever the hell he wants.

by controlcommerce 1 month ago

Well, when you don't pay artists for their music content, yeah, you've got the money.

by mikea hiooi 1 month ago

Spotify is bigger than Apple Music, how does he not know this? 😂

by justChris 1 month ago

This is great news! I would be happy to drop my YouTube Premium account and open a Spotify Family account if more of my favorite podcasts go over there. I cannot stand the censoring YouTube and Facebook are doing to non-mainstream media producers.

by Russell Suhler 1 month ago

Tomorrow's headline: Google Acquires Spotify

by Max Moser 1 month ago

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