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Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For Spotify & $100 million

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The Jimmy Dore Show photo 1 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For... The Jimmy Dore Show photo 2 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For... The Jimmy Dore Show photo 3 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For... The Jimmy Dore Show photo 4 Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For...

He made the CEO of Spotify smoke DMT and do yoga with him before they signed the contract 😂😂😂

by King Eazy 5 hours ago

I’m just surprised YouTube is putting this on trending it’s almost like they’re saying “hey free speech”

by King of the Bruiser-weight 2 hours ago

"I'll do it for 50million.... I'll do it for 25million" hilarious 😆

by George Titsworth 6 hours ago

I'm sure Rogans move was likely influenced by his adventures in YouTubes monetization & other gotya issues creators are snagging on since early 2017.

by perseverance8 7 hours ago

Well I only watched Joe Rogan because it’s free on YouTube.

by BladeZmith 5 hours ago

I love how at the 10 minute mark he's just daydreaming about one day selling the show to Spotify and retire

by s a 7 hours ago

Spotify is a music streaming service that might as well have been conceived by Babyface. It follows the same “screw over the bulk of your artists” business model. 🤷‍♂️

by Ian Killingsley 5 hours ago

Shave your head & smoke weed live & you'll be worth 20 million!

by Dave Massie 8 hours ago

Can’t believe this show doesn’t have 3 million subs

by Just Saying 5 hours ago

This feels like a dream I had that one time I decided to stop smoking marijuana.

by Hopi Ng 5 hours ago

Spotify cost $ to operate hes going to lose some of his following

by Chad Collins 5 hours ago

Tomorrow's headline: Joe Rogan buys The Jimmy Dore Show for $20000 LOL

by outplayed 725 5 hours ago

20K...a bottle of hair color and all the Kush I can vape: Jimmy Dore.

by mike johnson 9 hours ago

Can u pls make t shirts with the simple logo " the Jimmy Dore Show" ... I'll buy bunch of theme

by S D 8 hours ago

If Susan wasn't such a terrible CEO, things like this wouldn't happen.

by jxxlion 2 hours ago

No wonder he’s talking about leaving California.

by Charles Price 8 hours ago

Hopefully Joe has real " Free Speech" on Spotify

by Jeff Wright 8 hours ago

Finally, The Jimmy Dore Show is trending on YouTube!

by Mofuqer 4 hours ago

The big story here is that Spotify apparently has its eyes on becoming a YouTube competitor.

by Chris Peden 9 hours ago

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