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Dana Carvey: Full Unedited Interview With Stephen Colbert

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When these two comedy legends sat down to reminisce about the good old days at The Dana Carvey Show, there was way too much footage to make air. Here is the full unedited interview, enjoy!
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 1 Dana Carvey: Full Unedited Interview... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 2 Dana Carvey: Full Unedited Interview... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 3 Dana Carvey: Full Unedited Interview... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 4 Dana Carvey: Full Unedited Interview...

Wish they'd put out more unedited interviews like this. Or, heck, monologues.

by MaserXIV 2 years ago

Interesting that Carvey gave both Colbert and Carell their first breaks.

by misterjag 2 years ago

This is why I love Stephen Colbert, so humble and never forgetting his roots. He deserves all the success.

by Mohammed Rahman 2 years ago

"Carving a hate stick to beat Spaniards" is the funniest goddamn thing I've heard in God knows how long.

by Magus TheGreat 2 years ago

Well, isn't that special.

by Nieru 2 years ago

What a treat for fans of The Dana Carvey Show! Thanks, Late Show, for not pandering to the low-attention-span crowd like most talk shows do on YouTube with their tiny interview snippets, and instead going the other direction and giving us the unexpurgated footage! This was the most enjoyable Colbert interview I've ever watched.

by DanHarkless ๏ดพHalloween videos, YTPs, & more๏ดฟ 2 years ago

Stephen just described the meaning of luck (when you have the outsized talent, that is): He can trace the trajectory from his job on Dana Carvey directly to this one. I'm happy for him!

by Adam K 2 years ago

Dana probably felt overshadowed by Mike Myers' success. I'm so glad he's now seeing how many people love him.
Dana Carvey & Phil Hartman were my favorite SNL cast members when I was a kid in the 80's-90's. RIP Phil Hartman

by Brock Albert 1 year ago

Stephen's a fan of all the right things.

by Asi Boy 2 years ago

I love stories like this. People starting out, saying they were unemployed, with babies and bills, and look at who they become. Its never overnight, you just have to keep working at it... You deserve every success you earned, Colbert

by MsTuliplady 2 years ago

Bring back the Dana Carvey Show - cause it would definitely work in this day and age!
Also, "The Dana Carvey Show" is available on Hulu.

by CM Laki 11 months ago

Skinheads from Maine is comedy gold, anyone who hasnโ€™t seen it, look it up now

by Nathan LaGue 2 years ago

Remember Dana on SNL doing Bush Sr.? "Not gah dah, wouldn't be prudent at this juncture..." :-) Good Stuff!

by James Harris 2 years ago

"Dana Carvey: The man is funny with the sound off." Generosity of spirit - stephen colbert

by Pamela Rose PhD 2 years ago

You should straight up upload full episodes altogether. Be pioneers like that.

by Christian Sandoval 2 years ago

Oh my God, I love Dana Carvey so much. I almost forgot about him! The fact that he is connected in such a significant way to Stephen Colbert is literally so amazing. Because oh my God, I love Stephen Colbert so much. A match made in heaven!

by ThePeaceChannel 2 years ago

I've always been a Dana fan. It's refreshing to see Stephen got his start there. It's also cool to see the respect and admiration he still has for him.

by JC Ayala 2 years ago

The Dana Carvey Show was a brilliant comedy that was 10 years ahead of its time. Had it aired before the turn of the century on Comedy Central at 9 it would still be on. I remember being an early teen and watching every episode.

by TheDevilWithin 2 years ago

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