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Rumors And Spoilers About Peter's Bachelor Finale Spilled

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Peter Weber is taking Bachelor fans for the ride of their lives in what is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic seasons in Bachelor franchise history, but how does it end? Here's everything we know about Peter Weber's Bachelor finale. Caution: Spoilers and potential spoilers ahead.
Before he was the Bachelor, Peter Weber was just a pilot competing on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette and many fans believed Weber would be the one to fly away with the former beauty queen's heart. However, after their now-famous fantasy suite date in a windmill, Hannah B. sent Weber packing. But, when Weber's Bachelor season started off with Weber still struggling with his feelings for Brown, some viewers continued to hope the Bachelor and former Bachelorette would end up together when all was said and done.
Unfortunately for fans of Weber and Brown's relationship, longtime Bachelor blogger Steve Carbone put an end to those rumors early in Weber's season. In a January 9, 2020 post on his Reality Steve blog, Carbone wrote.
"All I can tell you and officially confirm today is that ... [Hannah Brown] has nothing to do with the rest of Peter's season, [she] doesn't show up at the finale, they're not secretly dating, nothing. Sorry, Peter and Hannah Brown fans. No dice."
Watch the video for more Rumors And Spoilers About Peter's Bachelor Finale Spilled!
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No Bachelorette surprises | 0:17
Peter's mother gets emotional | 1:12
Victoria's return? | 2:00
Keeping the secret | 2:35
Stumping the pro | 3:26
Who spilled the beans? | 4:07
Spotted after the finale | 5:03
Red herrings | 6:00
When did Peter decide? | 7:00
Hardest week ever | 7:42
A definite happy ending | 8:24
Two women left standing | 9:11
Accidental spoiler? | 9:55

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Who do you think Peter will end up with?

by The List 4 months ago

So he knew who the frontrunner was "early on" but continued to make out and do fantasy suites with multiple people??? If I was "the one", I would be GONE.

by Jennifer Haror 4 months ago

When you disregard someone's standards, you can't possible have love and respect for them.

by Little Missy 4 months ago

if his frontrunner didnt change he shouldnt have slept with the other two women especially when madison asked him not to

by xoYaSsYox 4 months ago

I think Madison leaves. He picks no one...then goes after Madison.

by KarlaElaine100 4 months ago

Peter looks so tired all the time now.....he isnt the same Peter before the Bachelor

by Winter Renee 41 4 months ago

I think peters crying all dramatically bc he realizes Maddie left (shocker he totally disregarded her standards) and his mom is crying about Maddie

by SMT 7 4 months ago

I hope Madison doesn’t settle for Peter, because she told him she’d be uncomfortable and yet he did it anyway and also she explains how she wants a godly man, I’m sorry peter isn’t that religious so I hope she doesn’t

by hannah Rodriguez 4 months ago

He wanted to test drive the other 2 girls then come to Madison. What a tool.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

by George Panagiotou 4 months ago

This guy is a player .... Madison is way too good for him ! He literally slept with every girl he could and wouldn't stop even for Madison !

by JDeere76 4 months ago

If he knew his front runner from week 4, why sleep with two of the women? I mean, he’s a man but still. lol

by J A 4 months ago

Wouldn’t it be a trip if Madison leaves and then Hannah Ann leaves and Peter has no one to choose from so he goes and tries to get one of them back but they reject his offer, so he ends up with no one, but not by his own choice.

They said it’s something we’ve never seen before, and this would definitely be something new!

by Steph Gomez 4 months ago

Maybe all Peter will have in the end is the scar on his forehead!

by Tamara Leitte 4 months ago

He said he had basically known who it was from episode 4. So, if he KNEW by episode 4, and it was Madison, why would he still be intimate with the other two, KNOWING that she might leave? Makes no sense.

by Kana Michelle 4 months ago

The camera crew was probably just stuff surrounding auburn. They love their Madison ❤️

by Jeanie Morgan 4 months ago

I hope he’s alone. He’s looking for a vessel, not a wife.

by Sheila Keenan 4 months ago

peter should go home and madison should have a show on how to get amazing eyelashes.

by Danielle Berger 4 months ago

I think he wants to be with Madison but finds out one of the girls he slept with is pregnant. Now that would be the most dramatic season yet!

by Rosalind Phillips 4 months ago

I could not live with someone for the rest of my life knowing he said he fell in love with two other women at the same time he fell in love with me AND SLEEP WITH THEM WHILE DATING ME! Madi is in for a long road ahead of her of PURE DOUBTS AND INSECURITIES if she chooses to stay with him!

by Amelie Marez 4 months ago

So madison leaves and then probably comes back right before he is going to propose to someone else. Then he changes and picks her.

by Stop The Yoyo 4 months ago

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