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Mark & Patricia McCloskey | St Louis Couple Defends Their Home & Breaks The Internet

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Yesterday, a St Louis Couple, Mark & Patricia McCloskey, stood in front of their home defending it while carrying firearms. Though not a single shot was fired, video of the incident went viral on the internet. A Black Lives Matter protest decided to trespass on private property, on the way to the mayors home, the BLM activists ran into the couple bearing firearms, Mark & Patricia warned them to get off the private property.
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Yeah - they were "breaking the law!" Not like the colonists when they committed a million-dollar act of vandalism against the world's first transnational corporation and threw the tea in Boston Harbor - or the founders when they "pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to EACH OTHER and rebelled against their "natural" Sovereign Lord, the King.

Oh, wait.

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