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Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam Newton Signing With The Patriots

The Pat McAfee Show photo 1 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 2 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 3 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 4 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam...

Cam Newton got hurt against NE, those dark lords had this planned all along.

by Jonathan King 5 hours ago

The patriots injured his foot so they could sign him next season.... smart

by Franklin Aiken 7 hours ago

I’m a dolphins fan and I nought this was the year, that the pats suck, I’m so sad.

by Joe Marinaro 8 hours ago

I’m a lifelong saints fan who never thought he would say this, but I’m damn happy for Cam and Winston... 🤯

by One nacho 123 7 hours ago

"This is why The Patriots are The Patriots" - Pat McAfee

by Beta Boot Camp 8 hours ago

Cam won MVP for the 2015 season, or as Pat puts it, “two years ago.”

by Scott Murphy 7 hours ago

Other teams should’ve just signed cam to keep him from the pats

by CowSlayer2 7 hours ago

This is the only reaction I wanted to see about this news

by Danny Mendoza 8 hours ago

how tf is cam newton getting paid the same rate as Jameis Winston

by Ola Adeshina 8 hours ago

Patriots had already planned a long time ago. Especially when then did not pick any QB's during the NFL draft.

by BONES 8 hours ago

Panthers nearly killed this man. The Oline was terrible his whole career. I think that’ll change in NE. Thank you Pats!!

by Don A 8 hours ago

When you think the patriots are going to have a bad season

by That Guy 9 hours ago

I read the title as “singing with the patriots” and imagined Cam hitting a high note in that thumbnail pic. I felt so let down when I read it again.

by dan parish 7 hours ago

Why is my Madden 20 franchise roster coming true all of a sudden? 👀

by Nathan Davis 8 hours ago

The dude with the Pats jersey is hilarious. Literally me yesterday

by Its2EC 6 hours ago

I knew it was gonna happen!

Called it weeks ago!

Don’t make him a pocket passer, let Cam run free!

by Phantom Alpha 9 hours ago

that clip was f&^%#&g hysterical!!! I love the show bro!!! DONT EVER CHANGE!!!

by beauch63 8 hours ago

As a massive Pats fan, the second I saw the news my first thoughts were "I absolutely cannot wait to hear Pat go off on this."

by TheSilentHeel 8 hours ago

He needs like 50% of his magic to go deep in the playoffs

by Brent Razz 6 hours ago

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