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Pat McAfee Reacts To Joe Rogan's GIANT Spotify Deal

The Pat McAfee Show photo 1 Pat McAfee Reacts To Joe... The Pat McAfee Show photo 2 Pat McAfee Reacts To Joe... The Pat McAfee Show photo 3 Pat McAfee Reacts To Joe... The Pat McAfee Show photo 4 Pat McAfee Reacts To Joe...

It’s gonna be tough not being able to see the comments section anymore 😔

by AJAM 1 week ago

The way Youtube was demonitizing his show on the daily, I can't blame him for getting off of this platform

by Nick J 1 week ago

Joe Rogan : Jamie, pull my account balance screen

by HeyNowLookHere 1 week ago

Pat Mcafee signs with Spotify on a 1 year, $325 million dollar deal just for the rights to post his Roman ads

by Tickler Nick 1 week ago

Legit the only 2 podcast i watch daily. JRE & Pat McAfee

by JDM Cesar 1 week ago

"Who's next?" Lmao Pats over there looking for his big ass check

by TheTot Process 1 week ago

100 mil to talk about dmt for 3 hours sweet deal

by Some Dude 1 week ago

I wouldnt be surprised if jomboy gets a deal, not necessarily for $100 million but I wouldnt be surprised

by martin k 1 week ago

I can't wait to see Joe Rogan reacts to Pat McAfee signs Giant Spotify Deal for 200 Million.

by ZX3CLHST2 1 week ago

Damn Joe, 100 mill that’s a lot of Elk meat. Haha and he’s 100% about Dusquene

by Shawn Sheehan 1 week ago

YouTube censorship is what pushed Rogan to leave and Spotify took advantage of the opportunity. I’ve never used Spotify ever on my own phone but I now will for that show

by mark 1 week ago

190 million downloads a month of the the audio alone. he just secured the bag $$$

by WorldCupBot 1 week ago

Does anybody remembers the time when Joe was starting his show by advertising for Fleshlight?

by Kriztofer Plitzkin 1 week ago

And Bill O’Brien is trading Deshawn Watson to Spotify for a Raid Shadow Legends commercial.

by Sean Haggard 1 week ago

What did we learn Youtube?

by Cody V 1 week ago

Spotify is probably setting itself up to be the new YouTube.

by Shawn Awesome 77 1 week ago

Good to see YouTube reaping the bad Karma they've sewn.

by Mike D 1 week ago

Good for him. You should get on his show.

by PedrotheJerk 1 week ago

Joe Rogan just started a movement. Watch everybody start going to spotify with him

by Ricardo Masvidal 1 week ago

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