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Our Fertility Journey: Episode 1

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Our first addition to a new series. We have been filming this journey for such a long time, and it feels good to finally release the first episode. This journey is dedicated to everyone going through the hardships of fertility. You're not alone in this. We're here for you.
—The Perkins
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Desi on IG: https://instagram.com/desiperkins
Steven on IG: https://instagram.com/stevenperkins
Our Doctor, Andy Huang, M.D. - Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc.
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The Perkins photo 1 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 1 The Perkins photo 2 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 1 The Perkins photo 3 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 1 The Perkins photo 4 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 1

I hope people stop commenting that they expect at the end of the series you’re pregnant. It’s not fair and it puts more pressure on Desi. Let’s just send her well wishes and love.

by Nicole Aviles 1 month ago

This is WHY I STOPPED asking couples when will they have a baby or ever get married. You don’t know what’s going on in their relationship...you never know.

by karol bejarano 1 month ago

Do not ask a couple “when are you having kids?” Or “why haven’t you yet?” You have no idea how much they could be going through.

by Jael Cameus 1 month ago

After a miscarriage, a positive pregnancy test just doesn’t feel the same. It’s dreadful instead of joyful.

by mikin lirou 1 month ago

People can be very cruel. 5 Years ago I had a stillbirth to our daughter. 2 years ago we adopted a beautiful boy from Hong Kong. People ask "Why don't you have kids of your own?" I found it so rude. You never know the whole story.

by Renata Goodley 1 month ago

Dear people, please stop commenting about « the finale must be them announcing a pregnancy! ». What if they aren’t? Could you imagine them going trough the comments? They must feel so pressured already, please stop. Desi & Steven, I’m sending you all my positive energy. As a women with endometriosis, I’ll surely face some problem with fertility. Thank you so much for sharing. You guys are so brave ! ❤️🙏🏽

by MakeupLau 1 month ago

Who’s here in quarantine after she just announced her pregnancy on ig!!!

by Andrea Alcala 1 month ago

WHO’sS HERE AFTER THEY ANNOUNCED???🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺im literally crying im SO happy for them

by myong2206 1 month ago

When Steven said: “she’s gotten better at needles though.” My heart sank and the flood gates opened. I love you, Desi.

by Kaitlyn Allen 1 month ago

Omg, this really raises awareness to me. To think about asking couples “why don’t you have any kids yet?”. It’s not something we think about.

by lovelyjessforever * 1 month ago

“I need to shake it off before Steven gets home” really hit home. I’ve taken countless tests behind my husband, it’s hard enough to be disappointed, feeling “broken” and to see it in your husbands face too I just rather not. Desi don’t give up, I’m 37 years old and after almost 10 years of trying and nothing I was finally able to get pregnant, I’m currently 34 weeks. It’s was a long lonely road but it was all worth it. You too (and so many others ) will have your happy ending. Have faith. You’ll get there too!

by Carm Valencia 1 month ago

I’m a Fertility Nurse here in So Cal and I appreciate your openness. People don’t talk about fertility issues due to shame and being vulnerable but So many women struggle with this. You will get pregnant and your miracle baby will come 💜 All of this suffering will soon be erased with the pure joy of your baby In your arms. Good luck on this journey!

by Dbubblesss28 1 month ago

It took us 7 years to get pregnant. I wish you guys the best on your journey.

by Krystle J 1 month ago

"Do you know how easy life would be if we could just stop our thoughts" I FELT THAT

by Melissa Ruvalcaba 1 month ago

“I’m trying but I’m not really trying” .. I felt that because I’ve said it so many times. I’m currently on my own journey of trying to have a baby. I wish you guys nothing but the best of luck ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

by LayersOf_Jenn 1 month ago

Dear Desi and Steven,

My name is Anna. I am currently 22 years old and about to graduate college in 4 days. I have always loved and admired you both. I was very hesitant to watch this video and especially comment on it because of the deep and immense personal connection I have to it. It is not my personal connection, but my moms and dads. Here is their story and mine:

22 years ago my parents adopted me. They have currently been married for 32 years and are the greatest parents I could have ever been gifted. My mom is one of those women that has always been destined to be a mother. She is so caring, giving and loving. She will do anything for anyone despite who the person is and what they have done in the past. I couldn’t imagine her not being a mom. My father is the smartest man I know, the most humble man and the most loving father. They have taught me more than any other person I know; they are my heroes.

My dad and mom tried to have a baby for years. The harsh reality was that my mom was unable to have a child. My mom went through years of fertility treatments and multiple miscarriages in hopes of that one miracle baby. Sadly they weren’t able to have one of their own, but they adopted me instead. They tried for over 10 years and finally adopted me.

I can’t relate this directly to your situation or how all of this has been for you two and I certainly will never try to. Everyone has their own experience and it is unique and different, but hard in its own way. As an adopted daughter by a woman that tried everything in her power to be gifted that one baby, I know what it does to a woman and a man, a future mother and father.

You two are such an incredible gift on YouTube for the fact that you are so open and real about your lives. I couldn’t help but cry during this video because I know my mom and dad felt the same way you both felt despite different journeys. I know you two would be amazing parents based on the love you two share and I truly hope you one day have that baby you both desire and dream to have.

All my love,

by Anna G 1 month ago

Not discounting Steven and his own strength through all of this but maaan... the strength of a woman is unmeasurable. To go through all this and still film videos, still go to events, still do your job.. I love you, Desi. ❤️

by Gretchen C 1 month ago

Took me 6 years to get pregnant naturally and now I'm 3 months pregnant!!

by Hayley Kotulak 1 month ago

I’ve never felt like someone has understood me more. This is so similar to mine and my fiancé’s journey. I am so grateful for you sharing your journey. Thank you ❤️🌈

by Megan x 1 month ago

My heart breaks when I see couples who really want children, who I know would be amazing parents, but struggle so much with it, while it happens so easily for others.

I wish Desi and Steven good luck with their fertility journey and hope it works out for them. Sending lots of love and positivity your way. <3

by Harpreet Jandu 1 month ago

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