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Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8

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The Perkins photo 1 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8 The Perkins photo 2 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8 The Perkins photo 3 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8 The Perkins photo 4 Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8

Went from “lazy” to “how is it possible that you’re that beautiful” REAL QUICK 😂😂😂♥️

by Hannah Lloyd 1 day ago

Ok but the way Steven grabbed Desi’s hand while they were looking at baby clothes 😍 his love for Desi and the baby is so pure

by Deneika Dennehy 1 day ago

He felt her energy so he didn’t want to show himself to her.

by Just watching vids 1 day ago

I loved when he asked how she was doing during the ultrasound .. so in touch with his wife’s feelings.. so aware that the vibe was off

by Mia Alphonso 18 hours ago

Steven, "is that why you've been so lazy"
Desi, "what are you talking about lazy... I'm building your child, what are you doing?"
Love it!!!!🤩🤣

by Tania Ramirez 1 day ago

Lol the zucchini... “Alexa play Captain Hook by Megan The Stallion”

by Love Finds 1 day ago

I prefer desi’s way of say “chichona” instead of “contorno de busto”😂💀

by Jennifer Dominguez 1 day ago

Steven holding up the zucchini as a phone was an ultimate dad move. He’s already ready!

by Ciera Harris 18 hours ago

Lmao her wearing the Katy shirt saying “I’m only building your child” 😂

by Nanea Lilliana 21 hours ago

"but how are we gonna find the baby it's camouflage" Steven already hitting those dad jokes 😂 love you guys

by kat petroia 7 hours ago

I started watching your journey while I was having fertility issues.. now we are 11 weeks pregnant. I still love watching your series.

by Aby D 1 day ago

I don’t care for our ultrasound tech... She had me at “He’s doing everything I don’t want him to be doing” OH YEAH BISH 👊🏽

by Kenzie Anderson 16 hours ago

If only there were more “Stevens” out in the world 😭😭

by CristhyAvi 8 hours ago

“I used to say this looks like so-and-So now with these masks I can’t see shit” wow forget that not being professional that is just not nice ma’am

by paoluvable 13 hours ago

When Steven asked how you were doing I knew exactly why he was asking lol

by Karlussshh 17 hours ago

“He looks like a really cute raisin!” 😂😂

by J. Lauren 1 day ago

"Can you find me ones that match?" BE STILL MY HEART!!!! Steven is just the sweetest human.

by Alexandra Offor 1 day ago

When the lady was bouncing the monitor on her belly Omg, pissed me off! CAN YOU BE GENTLE!!! 😡

Can’t wait to see this handsome boy and the outfits. 💙

by Jaqueline Perez 18 hours ago

The ultrasound tech also said “now with these masks I can’t see SHIT”!!! Wow smh! Very unprofessional!

by SouthernCaliChic 1 day ago

"Now with these masks I can't see shit" that wasn't very professional to say either lmao

by McKenna Fiess 7 hours ago

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