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FULL INTERVIEW: Chloe x Halle on Beyoncé & Their Crushes – Part 1

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Singing sisters Chloe x Halle stop by and talk about everything from their celeb crushes to what it’s like having Beyoncé as a mentor.

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The Real Daytime photo 1 FULL INTERVIEW: Chloe x Halle... The Real Daytime photo 2 FULL INTERVIEW: Chloe x Halle... The Real Daytime photo 3 FULL INTERVIEW: Chloe x Halle... The Real Daytime photo 4 FULL INTERVIEW: Chloe x Halle...

Anybody found Halle & Chloe on YouTube before they blew up??? I love how far they’ve come! *Edit Halle’s voice is so calming!

by Trisha Danielle 1 year ago

I love Beyoncé don’t get me wrong but I feel like when that Chloe and Halle have interviews all the questions are based around Beyoncé.

by Daysha Moore 10 months ago

"Let the world catch up to you don't dumb down you self for the world". I like that

by Royalty _That’s Me 1 year ago

The one in the red reminds me of Janet Jackson when she talks

by Jupiter Jewelz 1 year ago

I really always thought they were fraternal twins lol

by sun dae 1 year ago


she's telling Halle she has lipstick on her teeth!


by Kairo 1 year ago

They make me wanna have dreads so bad

by Somi Boltina 1 year ago

I thought they were twins for the longest time 😩😂

by Ebony Daniels 1 year ago

Gorgeous girls! I wish more girls would carry themselves with this much class - these two and Yara Shahidi are just amazing girls. Definitely great role models and just awesome. Their music is really good as well. <3

by Solin T. 1 year ago

They’re so beautiful and amazing and so talented I can’t wait for them to be able to go on a interview when they don’t have to talk about Beyoncé and be Beyoncé’s prodigies and they can just be Chloe and Halle

by Samyiah Bryant 1 year ago

Beyonce hit the jackpot with these two.

by JMJ4life 1 year ago

Halle is the more calm and a little shy acting but she’s sweet, and Chloe is very energetic and bubbly. I love that

by Bryan Nunez 2 weeks ago

I can't believe they're 18 and 20. I remember them from disney!!

by matt bardot 1 year ago

First credit is due to their wonderful parents for raising such bright and intelligent talented young ladies. They made themselves discoverable.

by AllThings JUDYTV 1 year ago

I first seen them from their viral song cover of Beyoncé’s song “pretty hurts”

by Shay Tha real 1 year ago

Why is the interviews always about Beyoncé.

by Sade Mc Queen 2 weeks ago

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