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Roddy Ricch Performs "Ballin’" – Live | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience

The Roots photo 1 Roddy Ricch Performs The Roots photo 2 Roddy Ricch Performs The Roots photo 3 Roddy Ricch Performs The Roots photo 4 Roddy Ricch Performs

This performance is so lovely. Quite an artist! Beautiful wave. This guy has a great talent.

by Kevin Tierney 4 days ago

Roddy is a beautiful artist all around. he will forever be one of my biggest inspirations, and favorite artists.

by Artemis 1 day ago

Came for Roddy... Got tricked into voting by a queen

by FFmaxx 3 days ago

RoddyRicch ,21 🎤 🐐 👑 World 📡🌎📡🌏📡🌍Wide , YoungMegaSuperStar⭐️Genius✨

by Aan Robertson 4 days ago

Ok wow so this dude just drips star power! Damn this is good!

by Christian Flores 3 days ago

okkayyyy 👀 vocals wit the “ nowww “

by mariyah long 1 day ago

Roddy killed it❤️❤️

by Renae Xx 1 day ago

VOTE 🗳✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

by Tam Ril 4 days ago

World🌎📡🌎📡🌍📡Wide Congrats !

by Aan Robertson 3 days ago

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