BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

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BLACKPINK comes together for a debut performance of "How You Like That" for another Tonight Show: At Home Edition.
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BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 1 BLACKPINK: How You Like That... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 2 BLACKPINK: How You Like That... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 3 BLACKPINK: How You Like That... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 4 BLACKPINK: How You Like That...

Blinks: We want jisoo to say „blackpink in your area“
Yg : No, You don‘t
Blinks: We want Lisa solo dance break
Yg: No, you don‘t
Blinks: We want Rosés high note
Yg: No you don‘t
Blinks: We want Rapper Jennie
Yg: No you don‘t
But still its my favorite song from them

by Fancypeppa 3 days ago

I love their new stylist. She understands BLACKPINK. I’m just in awe by this performance and their outfits. Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo are wearing modernized hanbok because they’re korean while Lisa is wearing one with Thai patterns and Thai silk. Wow wow thank you new stylist 💖

by renata 10 hours ago

I liked how the stylist preserved Lisa’s nationality, because even though she’s wearing a hanbok like the other girls her skirt is Thai traditional pattern

by Nathália Lopes 17 hours ago

Jennie : u gonna like that
captions : u don’t like that
Jennie : am I joke to you

by revolution༄ 19 hours ago

I heard that the BRITs UK Awards invited the girls to perform this year would depend only on YG ENTERTAINMENT.

by park chaeyng 14 hours ago

So no one’s gonna talk about their outfits? They modernized the hanbok it’s bomb!

by Yoongi's Trash 3 days ago

Don't you feel like Jisoo's stage presence is better than ever? !😍 Jennie did not lie when she said that Jisoo has her own swag! Just look at her she's shining they're all shining with the vocals and beauty

by lary - 17 hours ago

No one:
Jennie’s hair: BLACKPINK

ohh guys btw i did a cover of one of blackpink's song, if you're interested, come and watch it :)

by Davi Juan 19 hours ago

Other groups comeback stage:inkigayo,sbs,music core etc
Blackpink:tonight's show starting Jimmy Fallon
We Stan these queennsss

by RachItsCringe JJ 15 hours ago

Why is nobody talking about the fact that their outfits are literally hanboks(Korean traditional dresses) that have been made into a crop top and skirt (btw loving it😍)

by K 3 days ago

World No.1 girlsgroup BLACKPINK🖤💗

by 테루테루 7 hours ago

No one:

Jimmy: has hundreds of pens

Any one else noticed that 😂

by spaceaudios 5 hours ago

The clothes BLACKPINK wears are made of hanbok motifs. Somehow it felt Asian.

by 개굴개굴 8 hours ago

Lisa's Smirk
Jennie's Swag
Jisoo's Cuteness
Rosè's Aura

by Pretty Mhae 14 hours ago

Not Lisa's era, not Jennie's era, not Rosé era, not Jisoo era. It's everyone's era. Stan all of them each and every of them are precious.

by a r m y • a h g a s e • o n c e 3 days ago


the subtitles: [ Singing in Korean ], [ Rapping in Korean ].

by Janyl Mae Caluna 11 hours ago

Who else just understands "Look At You now look at me, How You Like That?" 😂

by Lucas Henrique 20 hours ago

Jisoo's voice is so strong, deep, unique,she gives charm to blackpink songs ♥️

by Secret One 21 hours ago

"you dont like me then tell me how you like that"
message from lisa to haters

by Friskha Friska 15 hours ago

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