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The Traphamily photo 1 HOUSE SHOPPING AT 18 YEARS... The Traphamily photo 2 HOUSE SHOPPING AT 18 YEARS... The Traphamily photo 3 HOUSE SHOPPING AT 18 YEARS... The Traphamily photo 4 HOUSE SHOPPING AT 18 YEARS...

to everyone who’s commenting that they’re “too young” and “not being smart:” do you know every single little thing about their relationship ? do you know exactly how much money they’re bringing in ? are you their financial advisor or couples counselor ? no ? then stop putting your two cents in about it. yes, they’re youtubers and their jobs are to show us their lives, but we still don’t know everything about them, their relationship, and their finances, and it’s honestly not our place to know either ! you all just constantly need something to complain about and it’s annoying. everyone’s situations and maturity levels are different. just because you wouldn’t buy a house as young as them and move in together before 1 year doesn’t mean everyone else won’t.

by lilly phifer 9 months ago

You think it’s impressive to buy a house at 18? Honey I built my house when I was 8!
flashback to playing Minecraft

by Andrew Bo 9 months ago

who’s here after they announced they’re engaged🥳

by norah ulsh 2 weeks ago

When I’m literally the same age as her and she’s buying her dream house and my parents won’t let me repaint my bedroom from pink to grey 😭

by Pepper Grey 1 month ago

Her mom saying: “I could ride my bicycle” cutest thing ever

by bayleigh dickinson 1 month ago

the internet is so crazy... u can be genuinely so happy for people you’ve never met and have no relationship with whatsoever lol

by Tamym Levy 1 month ago

Guys don't skip ads. Spock needs a backyard

by Priya Mehta 9 months ago

Love how y’all are hating on them but no one said anything when James Charles did it.

by Rylee Coon 7 months ago

Haley: gives a long speech about how grateful she is.

Ryan: yea

by ATX Airsoft 3 months ago

Who's here trying to spot the house they live in now 😂😂

by Angie Thompson 1 week ago

this called me poor, broke, homeless, and single in 300 different languages and 800 different fonts

by Marlowe heier 9 months ago

I know I’m super late, but look the way Ryan looks at Hailey when she talks.

by Kary Rodriguez 4 weeks ago

This makes me want to chase my dreams even more then ever.... I don’t live in a nice house but now I feel like I can one day after watching this

by S3 Freestylers 1 month ago

rewatching this when they're engaged and laughing at all the people saying they're too young ;//

by Rosa 2 weeks ago

Nobody gonna talk about “I can ride my bicycle back here!”

by Gunnar Diel 2 months ago

yo I keep thinking they live in cali but they live in texas. that’s why those houses they looking at are reasonable for them deadass. like in cali those are multimillion houses

by charlotte grace 9 months ago

Imagine being 18 years old and being financially stable enough to buy a house

I commend you ❤️

by Alex Jones 1 month ago

I would be resisting the urge to say “BROOOO” every time I walked into a room 😩

by Riley Brown 1 month ago

LMAOOOO I’m 18 and my parents won’t let me have my boyfriend in my room

by Freya 1 week ago

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