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Keith Eats Everything At Panda Express

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You know the drill: Keith tastes everything on the Panda Express menu. And don't worry, Keith made our employees, The Food Babies, eat the leftovers and filmed the entire thing for Patreon. Why aren't you a Patron yet?
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The Try Guys photo 1 Keith Eats Everything At Panda... The Try Guys photo 2 Keith Eats Everything At Panda... The Try Guys photo 3 Keith Eats Everything At Panda... The Try Guys photo 4 Keith Eats Everything At Panda...

I love how they're like "only 26 things to eat" LMAO

by Patterrz 1 year ago

when eugene said “it needs more spice” and keith said “yeah salt”

by alexis hmltn 4 months ago

Imagine being on the first day on the job and this guy shows up

by Void 4 months ago

I’m surprised Keith’s Dad’s favourite is black pepper chicken and not cinnamon raisin bran chicken

by FloCait 2 weeks ago

I know Eugene is gay and I'm a lesbian but can we like platonically get married?

by Creative Username 4 months ago

Man I'm just glad Keith is doing his thing. I know fans of the "Worth It" series diss him but they're really missing out.

by RandomBlackGamer 1 year ago

Eugene is the only try guy that doesn’t act stereotipically gay

by Large Human 3 months ago

adding ‘in bed’ to fortune cookies is EXACTLY what I need to get me through 2020

by Alexandra Johns 2 months ago

Keith eats everything from Panda Express including the box

by Amanda O’Donnell 4 months ago

"it's like a chinese cheesecake appetizer, with a light crab flavor!"

... did anyone break it to keith that there's no crab in the panda express rangoons lol

by icedMatchaLatte 1 month ago

I like how they think rice and noodles are sides. My Asian ass thinks rice and noodles is the main course, the meat is the side dish lol. I canʼt live without rice

by Sabrina Aragon 9 months ago

I’m crying right now because I want Panda Express and I can’t because life.

by Mattie 3 months ago

Has someone already commented that Keith kinda looks like Coraline’s father

by 3 months ago

Now, I will forever say “ in bed “ after I say my fortune in a cookie.

by sakura 2 months ago

A year later and I’m still dying over Keith’s “Eugennnneeeeee! Ohhh wooowww!” after finding out takeout boxes can be unfolded into plates 😂😂

by KINFINITYYY 2 weeks ago

When Keith said “my dad loves this” right before he ate black pepper chicken. My brain went- DADDYS FAVORITE

by Lauren 6 days ago

Origami: the art of folding
Keith: [unfolds carton] "ItS lIkE OrAgAmI"

by alyson j 3 weeks ago

little story i have cracked my chin open two times in my life, and i opened a fortune cookie that said " time heals all wounds, keep your chin up"

by Vrin Butter 3 months ago


Absolutely nobody:

Keith: That's the mall I go to! ThATs My MaLl!

by *Little_Logan* 3 months ago

Anyone else shocked how good Keith’s chopstick skills are

by Katy H 4 months ago

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