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The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy Snacks Taste Test

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Another day, another taste test to ruin our tongues! Today we're trying all the spicy snacks out there!
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The Try Guys photo 1 The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy... The Try Guys photo 2 The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy... The Try Guys photo 3 The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy... The Try Guys photo 4 The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy...

Everyone: Uses their hands to eat the pickle
Keith: Is very mannerly and uses a fork

by Chaya Greenberg 4 hours ago

Maggie: This is for people who want to hurt themselves
Also Maggie: eats another bite of the spicy chip

by Arantxa Muรฑoz 3 hours ago

im officially convinced that ned is insane and actually likes to torture himself.

by zewdae 4 hours ago

At the very end of the video....

Zach: โ€œI see her..... Zendaya... She's so beauuuu tifulโ€

Maggie: โ€œexcuse me.โ€

Zach: ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜

by Jules Miserables 4 hours ago

Ned talking about Pulparindo โ€œI feel like some adventurous children would like thatโ€ yes, I would say Mexican children are pretty adventurous lmao

by Kaylee Ortiz 2 hours ago

Iโ€™m honestly starting to believe that Ned is the Try Guy who handles spice the best and not Eugene! Impressive!

by Julie D 4 hours ago

ned- โ€œyeah wes could handle thisโ€ Keith-leaking from every hole in his face

by Gabi-Abby G 4 hours ago

Keith: Eating Takis "Imagine these with guacamole!"

Guacamole Takis: "Am I joke to you?"

by Faith Davenport 4 hours ago

YB while trying these: mmm yeah thatโ€™s spicy


by Blaine Zmcl 4 hours ago

"Some adventurous children could handle this"

Mexican children have entered the chat

by neenja015 4 hours ago

Keith, Ned, and Zach: soothing their pain with milk

Eugene: Drinks alcohol

Typical Eugene ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Agust Dee 3 hours ago

On this episode of Letโ€™s Torture Keith and His Tongue..

by Cassy Chao 3 hours ago

The shirts Ned and Keith are wearing. God, I cannot remember when they were released, but can we please bring them back?

by LoverOfAllAnimals 4 hours ago

I am almost 100% sure that some white person out there is like: " omg why did they start with something so spicy!"

by Yamin Taaha 2 hours ago

Keith: I don't really know what it is...
Zach: I feel like white people only discovered these 3 years ago
Ned: it smells like it got a little too saucy at buffalo wild wings
Eugene: Oh it's so cute!.!!..uwu

by R Liu 2 hours ago

Ned is definitely that white guy in a horror movie who gets everyone killed

by Tony Martinez 3 hours ago

How is no one talking about:
I didnโ€™t see Zendaya at that one
I just zen-died

by Itโ€™s Emily lit 4 hours ago

Can someone please check up on Ned, see if he's okay...

by Hiba Shamsi 4 hours ago

Try Guys trying the beef jerky..
Zach: coughing hysterically and nose running nonstop
Keith: instantly turning red
Eugene: sweating profusely
Ned: decides to make a sandwich full of the jerky

by Leanna Riberal 4 hours ago

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