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After Hours Trailer

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Official album trailer for After Hours, available everywhere now: http://theweeknd.co/afterhours

The Weeknd photo 1 After Hours Trailer The Weeknd photo 2 After Hours Trailer The Weeknd photo 3 After Hours Trailer The Weeknd photo 4 After Hours Trailer

once again, the most talented pineapple out there. No arguments

by Amelia Sookoo 5 days ago

Bruh The Weeknd made it really far. Homeless to one of the greatest artist in our generation. He's phenomenal

by Lucas Bullz 5 days ago

Just imagine if this turns into a real movie: "After Hours NOW in theaters this Christmas, starring The Weeknd, Rated R" (Wishful thinking) lol

by Siera (The Chosen One) 4 days ago

Its such a joke that he never won artist of the year at the vmas...

by Alain Sampson 5 days ago

Just gave me another reason to relisten to this amazing album, thanks Abel!

by Zeuz Makes Music 5 days ago

#1 artist on Spotify, yet so little is known about him

by Xoned Out 5 days ago

Everytime he gets depression, then escapes from this world, makes lyrics from his delusions, wins a hundreds of award, and again the same thing..

by the_funky_god 5 days ago

Damn right he's the most gifted singer of his generation

by BINGE 5 days ago

⭐ He definitely deserves all the recognition and love for sure! He works hard for the things he has and works harder to keep us loyal fans entertained somehow and someway. That's what you call a Quality Artist! I respect him! ⭐

by Siera (The Chosen One) 4 days ago

Can’t believe he didn’t get artist of the year smh that’s bullshit

by HunterZolomon21 4 days ago

In my opinion:
1- Trilogy
2- After Hours
3- Kissland
4- My Dear Melancholy

by Z. T. 5 days ago

The person who carried the entire music industry during covid...

by Dylan Raj 5 days ago

This album has saved me during this pandemic. This man is THE artist of this decade and will continue to be fucking badass.

by Hayley Ava 5 days ago

Been following him since Kissland and trilogy and it's so fuckin amazing to see what he's achieved till now. Feeling like a proud dad now lmao. What a legend

by Pratheek Bhat 5 days ago

The Weeknd is unlike any other artist I have ever seen. That's why I like him.

by 850 subs by tonight? 5 days ago

Claim your "here before a millon views" ticket here

by Barıs ALP 361 5 days ago

Sonic gangsta until Abel starts doing donuts fast in his car.

by Amber The Unicorn 5 days ago

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