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Mike Tyson - The Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever!

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In the spring of 1985, one special young man had his debut fight. Back then no one knew that he was aught to become the most recognizable boxer in history - Mike Tyson. He broke into the ring demolishing one opponent after another on his path, youth, speed, and onslaught made the fights with his participation bright and spectacular. In this episode, we will show you the destructive power, the lightning speed and malicious aggression of the legendary Mike Tyson.
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The World of Boxing! photo 1 Mike Tyson - The Hardest... The World of Boxing! photo 2 Mike Tyson - The Hardest... The World of Boxing! photo 3 Mike Tyson - The Hardest... The World of Boxing! photo 4 Mike Tyson - The Hardest...

Tyson or wilder?

by qskes 5 months ago

I love how this was narrated like a serial killer documentary

by Wilfred Pujanes 3 months ago

Some poor guy had to fight mike tyson while mike was going through a divorce.

by Ryan w 1 month ago

"Both missed their blows, but the wind from Mike's swing knocked out his opponent."

by Mr. Chopsticks 2 weeks ago

Later in his career he stopped respecting his opponents which isn't right in my opinion :(

by Shivank Mittal 1 day ago

Most of them "somebody take the truck's plate number?"
- easy, was Tyson. 😎

by BRUTUS SAPIENS 3 days ago

I’d fight Tyson for 5 mil. After two years when I come out of my coma I’ll be rich. A little brain damaged but rich.

by stephen Hill 3 months ago

I have to say, with all the shit people give Tyson and make fun of him, he had great sportsmanship always helping people after knocking them out.

by Paul None 2 weeks ago

He's the scariest fighter I've ever seen. I'm really surprised he never killed anyone, as ferocious as his punches were.

by Joeg Voll 3 weeks ago

Tyson punches so hard everytime he knocks someone down he checks for them to see if they're still alive

by Miko Catan 4 months ago

I like Mike, but dude could never find his corner 🤣

by Joseph Kosgey 3 weeks ago

in the begining of his career, tyson was so humble

by Mark Ufie 5 days ago

Them trying to find his flaw had him fighting back to back in the begining and most of his career, flat out trained to go!

by Steven Curry 3 days ago

The way tyson talks is funny as hell...but I definitley wouldnt say that to his faith 😐

by the facts 1 week ago

Did I search for this thing? No.

Did I watch all of it? Yes.

by Primzify Modding 5 months ago

If he fights again it'll be the biggest fight in history way past McGregor and Mayweather they'd be nothing to the money this would bring in and get it set up I'm already got my credit card out

by Crickit Torres 2 weeks ago

"Its a fact im the best, I sometimes, I dont want to believe it myself but its the truth, im the best." Mike Tyson the legend

by HMR.Videos 2 weeks ago

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