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NEW SKINS and Lucio Ball - Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Seasonal Event

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The season event of overwatch 2020 is out, grab your skins while you can!
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๐ŸŽถOutro song by Knox Hill, http://www.youtube.com/knoxhill

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TheRealKenzo photo 1 NEW SKINS and Lucio Ball... TheRealKenzo photo 2 NEW SKINS and Lucio Ball... TheRealKenzo photo 3 NEW SKINS and Lucio Ball... TheRealKenzo photo 4 NEW SKINS and Lucio Ball...

Ashe better say, "Grandma, do something!" Or I ain't buyin'.

by Gothicc Girl 1 week ago

Widows skin almost looks like it's sponsored by Gucci.

by Dova D 1 week ago

When I see reaper's skin.

He Chunky now

by Vincent L 1 week ago

These skins are amazing!!

by Reme 1 week ago

kenzo: oh a new skin for widowmaker wants to buy it

Game: uh that's next week dude.

kenzo: :(

by VibeSpidersStudios 1 week ago

i feel like im the only one who likes the new mercy skin D: the wings on this skin are sick

by erinใƒƒ 1 week ago

Kenzo: The title is: "Imagine rage quitting in lucioball"
The title: no

by tomislav tomic 1 week ago

"im been reading too much manga, im becoming a weeb"

by Fiona Playz 1 week ago

when you realize that on Kenzo's team there is a guy called Sonic and on the enemy team there is a guy called Shadow: Oh yeah, this is happening!

Shadow ragequited?! Wow what a sore loser lol remind me again why they call you the ULTIMATE LIFE FORM. Jk I still like him but why would he do that.

by Kamil Kluczewski 1 week ago

I want the Hammond skin to say โ€œdeep diveโ€ when he ults with the new skin.

by giant chicken 1 week ago

โ€œLooks like I actually have to PLAY the game to get this widowmaker skin ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”โ€ me after echo was released lmao

by Kayla 1 week ago

๐Ÿ˜‚ I love the way he says โ€˜big waistโ€™ for mercy where other people would probably say โ€˜thiccโ€™

by F0uRzxq 1 week ago

Everyone is getting Academy no joke. I have 2 accounts and in both boxes I got Academy . Kenzo got it as well

by CH1LL P1LL 1 week ago

I love one of sigmas new voice lines, "ah, so like a spherical cow"

by Patches 1 week ago

Damn, Overwatch's release date was 1 day off my bday.

by ArkSolar 1 week ago

I like how he turned mercy around and when he saw her butt was covered he said yeah i don't like this skin lmfao

by Landon Walker 3 days ago

I know there is a lot of controversy about this but-
tries to look at mercyโ€™s butt and cant
Yea I donโ€™t like is either

by BostoPlays Pog 1 week ago

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