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Going VIRAL in 24 HOURS on TikTok!

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Tiko photo 1 Going VIRAL in 24 HOURS... Tiko photo 2 Going VIRAL in 24 HOURS... Tiko photo 3 Going VIRAL in 24 HOURS... Tiko photo 4 Going VIRAL in 24 HOURS...

CAN WE HIT 200,000 LIKES!?

by Tiko 1 week ago

Use me as a “I am older then 9 button”🤣

by EZW Spaze 4 days ago

Tiko you should make a song about saving floppers
This is how many people want that song

by Alfie Hill 6 days ago

“That’s canibabiisalism” 😂

by Achraller 6 days ago

To the people who talk about the background,

It’s just a big fishy with no eyes

by Xucro Clan 4 days ago

Me: yay I’m early!
YouTube: about that... he posted this 5 days ago, but we thought we’d give you the notification now!

by Bendy Alien 1 day ago

Eat your family for a shout-out
Tiko: I really need that shout-out

by Aidan2 Taylor 5 days ago

cameras accidentally on but tiko don’t know
Tiko: time to eat all of u fishies :o wait my camera is on, u saw nothing

by Fresh Gamer 6 days ago

He could just shout out his tiktok with his YouTube 😂

by Owen Zabell 6 days ago

When you are so early that Tiko doesn’t have a tacky wacky in his deck.

by J Teleporter 1 week ago

Why does everyone want him to eat floppers.
Maybe they told each other to say that and they ganged up on tiko

by Henez3 6 days ago

Imma pretend I dont see that background

by IceCold FN 6 days ago

when he said "Hours" it sounded weird for some reason lol

by Rocket Robot 6 days ago

"thats like cannabalilisims'.. Grammarly ad comes on

by Poopeedemon 4 days ago

How come you ate a fish in: Pinky - I Just Want My Pinky ft. Tiko (Official Music Video)

by SAM OAKES 6 days ago

this vid said 22hours ago

when you realise that 24 hours was already up

(Edit: this is the most likes I have ever got)

by randum channel 6 days ago

Me: looks in the back ground “what the fricken he’ll is that”

Edit: thanks for 7 likes it my Frist likes :D

by Cris Gaming 6 days ago

This is how many people saw the umm.uhh.the thing behind tiko at the beginning

by Cursed_yt 6 days ago

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