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Democrats Have Crossed The Line SMEARING The 4th Of July And Mt. Rushmore, Panic Then Delete Tweet

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Democrats Have Crossed The Line SMEARING The 4th Of July And Mt. Rushmore, Panic Then Delete Tweet. The Democrats smear of the 4th of july and Mt. Rushmore was more inline with far left fanaticism than anything Americans mostly care about.
The tweet in question proves that beneath the thin veneer lies a fringe ideology. Presumably Democrats realized that most Americans like the 4th of July and quickly deleted the Tweet.
But calls for destroying our history have been emboldened by Democrats and Republicans stand for the most part idly by, save Donald Trump.
Trump recently announced they would go after those who destroy statues. Meanwhile nancy pelosi joined in the removal of statues and quite literally got on bent knee for the far left
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How could anyone support a party, thatโ€™s entire message is โ€œwe hate orange man?โ€

by Moose Chuckle 3 days ago

I guess I'm a racist Mexican for having fun on my bday slash 4 of July

by Davids Adventure 3 days ago

"Slavery was a cruel institution that can't be excused by its era"
So why has it ended in North America, but its still going on in Africa?

by Valyrian Steel 2 days ago

If you believe that the USA is racist, then leave!

by Ricky Ostrom 3 days ago

And yet some people still think "libs hate America" is a super right wing meme.

by lone akmoperator 3 days ago

I'm 50% Native American and I love my country and my President.

by Cool Breeze 3 days ago

"non-theist religion" The left is the Church of Perpetual Outrage.

by MrClobbertime 3 days ago

The whole Demoncrat party has lost their last brain cell and have become dangerously delusional.

by Captain Chaos 3 days ago

I miss the 80's when the commies were the bad guys in the media.

by MaybeSo MaybeNot 3 days ago

More and more as the days go by Scarfaceโ€™s line of : โ€œI kill a communist for fun, but for a green card? I gonna carve him up real niceโ€ starts to resonate.

by J. Vinton 2 days ago

in the winter the snow is white. THE SNOW IS RACIST!

by Hotpockitrockit 3 days ago

Why do people trusts polls anymore? Didn โ€˜t 2016 teach people anything?

by HonoluluTita 3 days ago

It is going to have to be WE THE PEOPLE of America that rids this land of all communusts.

by Liberty for All 2 days ago

"Anything coming out of European colonization is white supremacist"
Here's how that logic works.
European colonists abolished slavery, therefore abolition is a tool of white supremacy.
OK dude ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘
Well done everybody, racism ended

by Travis Burd 2 days ago

"And they say it's the white man I should fear but it's my own kind doing all the killing here " ...2pac...

by Parekura Timu cunningham 2 days ago

Who could guess that the Democrats hate America?

by ArchEnema 67 3 days ago

Call me crazy but I still think China is playing a large roll in all this madness.

Ultimately if Trump losses China wins

by FLYER 3 days ago

It's almost as if all the people saying "Democrats really hate America" were right ๐Ÿค”

by Shane Na 2 days ago

This was always their plan, they want every country as one world nation

by Juan Manuel Cardona 2 days ago

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