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Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Lyrics)

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I see it
I like it
I want it
Check the price
Me: thank you, next

by Bella Elliot 6 months ago

bro im i the only one that listens to this and feels like powerful, and then im like i only have $2.

by Paulina Evangelista 2 months ago

Me at the mall

I see it, i like it, i want it, i g————-

Mom “put that back”


by Nis Myra_00 3 weeks ago

This song called me poor in seven different languages

by Harshi Jawla 1 month ago

Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Lyrics)
구독 좋아요 친구 맺었습니다.
My new friend thank you

by 강해설교 TV 1 day ago

I see it
I like it
i take it
security guard start chasing me around the mall

by Caroline 1 year ago

Breakfast at my house and just bottles of water
Annoying siblings that get me in trouble
Everything cheap is inside my house.
These are none of my favourite things

You like my hair?
Gee thanks, I've never changed it

I see it
I like it
I want it
I beg my mom for it

by Ayoung Chang 2 months ago

Ariana g❤️
Ariana gr ❤️
Ariana gra ❤️
Ariana gran❤️
Ariana grand❤️
Ariana grande❤️
Ariana grand❤️
Ariana gran❤️
Ariana gra❤️
Ariana gr❤️
Ariana g❤️

by Guilherme Ribeiro 10 months ago

People Stocking Up On Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer:
-I See It
-I Like It
-I Want It
-I Got It

by Collin Keyser 3 months ago

لي عندي بالقناة scary version احلا لصراحه 🙁

by Ran _ W̶ 3 weeks ago

This song makes me feel like I’m the most rich bitch in the world but I have 8 dollars in my bankaccount

by nantia Mt 3 months ago

''My skin is gleamin the way it shin-"
My skin: We dont do that here.

by Adasu Yilmaz 1 month ago

This is the most unrelatable song I've ever heard.

by biyah do 8 months ago

Man o'zbekmaan
O'zbela bo'sa like

by Nicky Nacky 2 months ago

fun fact : my phone was on 7% while i was listening to this song 💀.

by Briana R 2 weeks ago

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