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Funny Moments in Football

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The funniest, funny, comedy moments in football. Ronaldo, Mbappe, Mourinho, Kaka, Neymar, Sterling, Messi, referees and more in video!
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it was the referee's fault that he ran into his lane

by Louis Pro 2 months ago

when u dont like ur teammates lol
Edit: Thank you for the likes this video was actually made on my birthday and this is the most likes I have ever gotten on a video Thanks!

by Doge Sensation 3 months ago

how can you even play with a distraction like that on the field. 😉

by Pub Aul 2 months ago

Ref gets in way, red card’s the player.

by Geoffrey Lee 2 months ago

killed me..wat ws he doing with his nees

by kudzie chinos 2 months ago

dios 😍😍😍 la perfección si existe

by Brian Yt 3 months ago

magnifique tout simplement

by KB LiToX 3 months ago

de quem foi a bike? 50% para cada jogador...😜

by John Hander 1 month ago


by Petar Vuksic 1 month ago

goalkeeper: you can’t score a bicycle
Player : I know but we can
Goalkeeper: NANI

by zayan syed 2 months ago

айде Лудогорец🤣

by vladoto 2 months ago

I just wanna take a nap!!!

by ABHI PES 3 months ago

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