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Coronavirus Shopping List: What You May Need To Have On Hand | TODAY

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In case you need to self-quarantine or care for someone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus, it's a good idea to be prepared. NBC investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen joins TODAY with a shopping list of things to have on hand, including cereal, rice, canned goods, pet food, toiletries and medications.
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#CoronavirusShopping #Coronavirus #TodayShow
Coronavirus Shopping List: What You May Need To Have On Hand | TODAY

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TODAY photo 1 Coronavirus Shopping List: What You... TODAY photo 2 Coronavirus Shopping List: What You... TODAY photo 3 Coronavirus Shopping List: What You... TODAY photo 4 Coronavirus Shopping List: What You...

I am deeply disturbed by how many people seem to see washing their hands as a new thing.

by Nicolas Garcia 2 months ago

There talking so fast it’s giving me more anxiety than the virus itself

by DanielSangster 2 months ago

Pray for first responders. Emergency workers, police, soldiers, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, charity workers, cleaners, truckies, train, plane and bus drivers. Bless you all and your families.

by Robyn Conway 2 months ago

You'd be surprised how many people leave public restrooms without washing their filthy hands.

by Jonah B 2 months ago

How sad that in 21 century we need to teach people how to wash their hands.

by Viki N 2 months ago

This was a RUSHED show for such important information, and you rushed Dr. Oz and Dr. Torres!! 😠

by Nicole Love 2 months ago

A poorly produced segment that serves to heighten the anxiety we are experiencing. Fast talking, overtalking, vapid, rapid fire speech, nothing new to share.
Air heads.

by ContrastY 2 months ago

This should all be common sense and the fact it’s not is terrifying..

by EAS MEDIA 2 months ago

Jesus, slow it down. If you really wanna serve the public you’ll stop talking and interrupting and allow these gentlemen to make their points.

by Craig Forrest 2 months ago

Dr. Oz is gonna be the next eminem. His talking speed is bloody insane.

by Alexandra Hering 2 months ago

I'm more afraid of people's hysteria than of this virus

by Jenny Burnett 2 months ago

The speed of conversation is giving me anxiety 😬

by Lourine Weller 2 months ago

this is a lesson, don't do coke before an interview

by Adam 2 months ago

“Place a nickle sized amount”
- pumps half the bottle onto palm

by kevin7993 2 months ago

People need to learn to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze as well....

by Hazel Kupkakess 2 months ago

They always forget to advise keeping nails short, since nails long nails can harbor germs and are hard to clean. Short nails are more hygienic.

by Susan Mitchell 2 months ago

If it’s so important, then why not allow more time to let Dr Oz finish his last sentence? 🤦‍♀️

by sue Downey 2 months ago

Dr.Oz: noyoujustneedtowashyourhandsreallygoodorelseyouwillgetcoronavirus
Host: confusion

by Lola Grace 2 months ago

Ugh. This is why the stores are all sold out of toilet paper, dried goods and hand sanitizer. 🤦🏻‍♀️

by Lizzie4280 2 months ago


by Unowhy 2 months ago

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