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‘No Good Answer’ To Why Trump Wasn’t Briefed On Russian Bounty Intel, Chuck Todd Says | Sunday TODAY

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Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd tells Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist “there’s no good answer” to why President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were not briefed on alleged intelligence that a Russian spy group offered Taliban-linked fighters bounty to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan. “It’s amazing to me to proactively admit that the president is kept in the dark of something this alarming,” he says.
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‘No Good Answer’ To Why Trump Wasn’t Briefed On Russian Bounty Intel, Chuck Todd Says | Sunday TODAY

#russia bounty #Donald Trump #News #Today #trump #chuck todd #Editor's picks #trump russia #Big News #Sunday TODAY #willie geist

TODAY photo 1 ‘No Good Answer’ To Why... TODAY photo 2 ‘No Good Answer’ To Why... TODAY photo 3 ‘No Good Answer’ To Why... TODAY photo 4 ‘No Good Answer’ To Why...

President Chump lies about the lies that he lies about!

by Big Baby 3 hours ago

Trump also knew about the reporter who was chopped up, and he lied about that too!

by j3161usadkg 1 hour ago

This is straight up treason. When will he get booted from the White House and thrown not so nicely into prison?

by Jane Sarsfield Mazur 2 hours ago

It’s just like when he said he didn’t disband the pandemic office and looked Blanca asking those around him “ did you do that? “. He lies through his teeth of course he was briefed, he just decided to let Putin pay for scalps of the US military.

by Holly Hocks 3 hours ago

not Briefed ?? this Coming out of a Pathological sociopathic Liar

by powerball201 47 minutes ago

Putin is smiling his puppet is performing perfectly... Next Blue Wave November 2020...

by Curt Jackson 3 hours ago


by CRAIG B 8 hours ago

Ahh! Its the ol` "I'm an imbecile" defence again. Works every time. Line up bootlickers time to take one more for the team. What's it going to be this time? Only 15 other people heard it in the same meeting but Moron Don didn't cause he was thinking about the fried chicken he had for breakfast.

by T Bo 4 hours ago

Absolutely disgraceful. We demand answers. Now!

by Tony Carter 4 hours ago

Trump knew he just owes Putin a lot of money

by Wanda Prock 2 hours ago

He only cares about himself. Why would he care about the soldiers?? Look at how he treats/talks about the military leaders and intelligence agencies!

by hot12500 2 hours ago

Answer to that title is "We can't trust that a**hole" Now that he know, can't wait to see him respond to this one. Actually I do know how he will respond he'll just blame the Democrats.

by Mr google The end 6 hours ago

The answer of course us that he was briefed and didn't care

by timething 5 hours ago

THEY ARE LYING, THE ARE LYING, THEY ARE LYING, THEY ARE LYING!!!! how many lies before u all learn. How can both president and vice president not know? THEY DID KNOW, THEY ARE LYING!!!

by j3161usadkg 1 hour ago

It's impossible that they wouldn't have briefed the President on a matter of such import. Read my lips. Impossible.

by This is how the truth dies 7 hours ago

Can’t believe that the words believe me didn’t come out of his mouth!

by Don Anderson 7 hours ago

Putin can be the equivalent of Sosa in Scarface . A snake 🐍 that hides in the grass waiting for the perfect time to strike

by Pussinater 2 hours ago

He knew. And did nothing..as he always does...

by Jeremy teed 4 hours ago

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