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TOP 10 Best Singer America's Got Talent ALL TIME

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Table of Contents
GB = Golden Buzzer

or - Linkin' Bridge
or - Brian Justin Crum
or - Caly Bevier (Simon GB)
or - Grace Vanderwaal (Howie GB)
or - Jayna Brown
/ or - Jimmy Rose
/ or - Justin Rhodes
or - Kadie Lynn Roberson
or - Chloe Channelle

by Sarah Ross 1 year ago

you see four thugs go on stage, expecting to rap, and they sing about rainbows

by Jayden Gonzalez 2 years ago

In every Italian family, there’s always a cousin tony, let me tell ya

by Nixon JP Trebejo 3 months ago

First impression of Sal: 👨‍🍳🍕
After he sang: 🤴🔥

by brooke 11 months ago

1% of the comments: random crap
99% of the comments: Sal was AMAZING

by ItsssHeaven 1 year ago

Sal looks like he wasn’t even trying

by Jotaro Kujo 5 months ago

Killing time during ECQ/lockdown 😅

hmm u2 right? 🤨

edit: i changed it

by Kedaea 1 month ago

I wish I had Sal's confidence in life, wonderful voice.

by Maker Noob 9 months ago

The fact that Sal is talking like Joey Tribbiani makes me love him even more. So charismatic and funny just so easy to fall in love with him. HOW YOU DOIN

by Kevin Magron 1 year ago

Calysta version of
"this is my fight song" is my favorite version of that song

by Sandra Brody 2 months ago

Hi I’m here to sing and my dog recently died

Simon: yes

Me: but I haven’t even..

Mel B: yes

Me: hold u...

Howie: Presses golden buzzer

by Léon Malkoun 1 month ago

The contestants on AGT: ”I was born at a very young age”

by Jack Halley 2 months ago

Sal really surprised me! Honestly, the most people are having either this self confidence or they can sing, and he nailed BOTH, that's a superstar!! I'm flashed. 😱😱😱

by Alisa März 1 month ago

Me: See's really mean looking black dudes
Also me: Weirdly predicts they're really nice and are gonna sing normal songs, and not rap about nonsense

by Sudhakar Pasupuleti 3 days ago

Damn, Sal is something else. His charisma, his voice, everything. A guy as talented as him comes around not that often, glad Sal took his talents and put them to use. He deserves his own career.

by Kid On A Planet 1 year ago

You'd expect 4 big guys to walk up on stage and rap, but instead they sing a Wizard of Oz song about rainbows... 😂👌🏻💖 Awesome guys. lmao

by Elizabeth Cooper 10 months ago

Sal ,absolutely Brillant, wow what a talent ,,,,,,,, he needs to overcome his shyness,,,,,,NOT😄

by stephen davies 1 month ago

Is it me or Sal’s voice would be great for classic movies, like it’s a wonder life?

by Brandon Tyler 1 month ago

"today its the first day in rest of my life" - SAL, I like this guy.

by Jane Fonda 1 month ago

the overly italinan-american guy is the best. No sobb story that plays on emotions :)

by Anna Floden 2 months ago

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