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30 UNRELEASED Fortnite Updates

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30 UNRELEASED Fortnite Updates
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I have a question: when the grotto isn’t flooded will it still be a poi and if it will be who is the boss???

by Hayley Carter 11 hours ago


Nothing on earth

Not even a single soul

Fortnite: Lets add
More slurp fish they’re not powerful enough already

by Marco Raineri-Valdez 11 hours ago

The cage that you can go into leads you to secret underground tunnels, The fortnite map doesnt know what is causing them but its believed they are being caused by a baby Monster from Chapter 1 Season 9. Siona, is thought to be helpful to
Project Yeetus Cattus thus leading to the government in Chapter 2 to recruit her. This explains why they are still keeping The Engineer in the fortnite map, using her in this battle pass but not in the last one. They need to find a way to eradicate the monster once and for all. And incase more show up...

by Pokemon Pro 9 hours ago

, maybe he is agent jonesy bc he had tennis pictures in his office in last season's live event

by Tdoug_12 11 hours ago

The new shotgun is in save the world already. It is called the dragon fire shotgun. The ability to craft it comes with fire damage to enemies when you shoot with it. It has a huge magazine size and is fully automatic and fires fairly quickly. The bulletin spread however is quite high. I feel like the new shotgun will be relatively similar to this. Like so t5g can see. Have a nice day <3. Edit: More on weapons😂 the blizzard blitzed is an assault rifle that shoots slow moving snow balls at a quick fire rate. It has a high mag size and no bullet drop off. Thanks again for your time :)

by BigBoiBirb 9 hours ago

Atlantis kinda reminds me of OG leaky lake

by Cr1msxn 11 hours ago

Epic needs to fix the decoys they still have pumps even tho they r vaulted 😂

by Dire 8 hours ago

that clip creeps me out with the fact that it's slowed down

by ItsAdrian 11 hours ago

"Defensive items like, port a forts and porta fortress, then offensive items like shockwave grenades"
throws shockwave grenade
everybody: offended

by Ghost 9 hours ago

I wonder if the AR from the "I call shotgun" loading screen is the Presision rifle from all those seasons ago

by Fyodor Dolotin 6 hours ago

I feel like the next seasons theme is going to be more fire related, just a theory

by Tdoug_12 11 hours ago

As someone who loves space, yet doesn’t have the old Galaxy Skin, I don’t approve

by LosrGalaxy65 6 hours ago

Whėn díd yøu startėd playíng ?

Lïke : Seasøn 1 - 7
Cømment : Seasøn 8 - 13

Insäne snïper gød, I hït a 364 mëters nöscøpe, I snïpe peøple mïd aïr easilÿ. Jüst wàtch øne øf mÿ vïds, you wíll bē ímprėssed.

by JP_matrix 10 hours ago

One time, I landed at Frenzy Farm, then I was going to go open a chest, then I found a vending machine a blue mini gun in it, I tried to tell my teammates, but it had already went away...
( Idk why I typed this, I just wanted to seeing this was helpful 🙃)

by Beargummy Ketchup 3 hours ago

That man took a huge risk! Can’t believe he risked his job to leak info!

by Caleb Goldenberg 11 hours ago

Bruh when he said the season 3 map I thought he was talking about the og map

by ChroDock 3 hours ago

Quick test,
If I asked every one that sees this post to like it, how many of u will?
Challenge, can I get a like from
top 5 gaming?

by xp gamer 40 minutes ago

I want to be able to choose which default skin I want to be, instead of getting a random one.
I like my skins, but sometimes it's nice to go full on default.

by Metal Sonic v2.5 9 hours ago

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