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Fortnite SEASON 4 STORY - EXPLAINED! (Part 1)

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Fortnite SEASON 4 STORYLINE Explained (Part 1)
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Looks like the storyline is REALLY getting good now!

by Ben Walker 1 week ago

Theory: The live event will be a lot like endgame. When galactus steps foot on the island the beacons will be at full power and the rifts will activate and all the marvel heroes will come out of it. Kinda like the portal scene in avengers endgame. Then, Stark realizes that this isn’t enough so he does this...

He replaces the nexus orb’s power with his arc reactor. When galactus defeats all the marvel heroes and eats the zero point, he will realize that it is the arc reactor’s power. This means the nexus orb’s energy is inside iron man’s chest. The energy was too powerful for him so his last words while using the nexus orbs energy to defeat galactus was...

“I am Iron Man.” This is exactly like endgame. Everyone made a funeral for him but how little they knew.... Iron Man was stuck in the loop and respawned but the avengers left before they knew. After that, Iron man was muted like us Fortnite players.

by Butter Boy 1 week ago

How are we going to kill the most powerful being in the universe?


by Banana King 1 week ago

“Galactus is coming closer to consume the island”
Me: *Panic intestifies*

by Kaotic YT 1 week ago

So when items are “vaulted” they are sent to the Nexus or the center of the zero point

by Cameron Tupper 1 week ago

The knew POIs, example: black panthers monument are being brought tho the map by Doctor strange because the edges of the POIs are burnt just like docter strangers portels

by Gordon Kerner 1 week ago

Theory: maybe iron man is making the mega POI for the zero point when galactic gets near like the meteor

by Benjamin Koch 1 week ago

Theory: When Galactus finally gets to island there’s going to be a ltm were we fight Galactus with mythic abilities.

by Dman87871 1 week ago

"we don't know why tony stark would rift in the collector."
Proceeds to list reasons tony stark might have rifted in the collector

by Hayden Lomanto 1 week ago

Imagine If Howard The Duck Showed Up In The Collecters museum.

by Levi-Athan 1 week ago

Theory: what if tony stark brings back the robot from chapter one and combined it with the sentinel parts

by Alexander Torres 1 week ago

Think about it. Stark is a genius who figured out time travel in endgame. Could he do that here and put us on the old map like Season X? Is he trying to understand the zero point? T5G I please request you look into this because it aint a bad assumption. Also, with rifts back he COULD be researching them with that lab.

by uwu is on xbox 1 week ago

The season ends in November so we are getting an event in the middle of the season

by Gamerxgirl 1 week ago

Theory : wolverine is in the trask industry’s truck and when the last challenge is released the truck will open

by Radi8 1 week ago

Theory Thor is the visitor Thor lost his memory and what visitor said “ when I do this would it help me remember “ credit relayts

by Adeleke Karunwi 1 week ago

“That’s why there are rifts appearing around new POI’s and there are rifts appearing around Frenzy

by Vindictive Jade 1 week ago

“Galactus is the most powerful villain in the marvel universe” yeah ok buddy

by Ethan Mayhew 1 week ago

What if the robot from the final showdown comes back and helps the avengers and others

by Nolo Tube 1 week ago

I use to be confused when Tommy and sammy switched voice

by Ak King 1 week ago

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