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Trapp Tarell - Lil Boy Trey [FULL STORY][HD Version](OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Trapp Tarell photo 1 Trapp Tarell - Lil Boy... Trapp Tarell photo 2 Trapp Tarell - Lil Boy... Trapp Tarell photo 3 Trapp Tarell - Lil Boy... Trapp Tarell photo 4 Trapp Tarell - Lil Boy...

Teacher: what did you do on summer break trey?

Trey: uh nothing

by Gav 1 month ago

being shocked by the ending and going to read comments

Comments: how tf you done cooked some cup noodles for 6 minutes?

by Janelle Arryana 1 month ago

Imagine beating up a 5 year old cus he didn’t give u dope, and then 10 mins later u get shot 3 times by the kid u just beat up.....😂😭

by Gucci Boi 1 month ago

Moral of this video:

Never talk to strangers, even when they’re friendly.

by Gavin Ypiña 1 month ago

Other people in hell: how u die?
Guy: a 5 year old pulled a glock on me

by Isaiah Gates 3 weeks ago

I’m glad my momma ain’t like this because if she was you wouldn’t see my comment

by JKaY Too shay 1 month ago


by GOLDY MACC Gmacc 3 weeks ago

Imagine getting shot and killed by a 5 year old 😭😭

by Jbduh 1 month ago

Imagine your homie being 5 and your like 20

then you make him kill people and do burglaries...

by PAX TV 1 month ago

This reminds me of my self besides of my mom doing drugs my dad was having me carry crack in my Thomas the train backpack when i was 5 i almost couldnt make it through the video

by Wank TicTack 1 month ago

Dam sad story trey bro I’m sorry for him I don’t wanna never live this life so I’m happy I got a good mommy and daddy

by Xxcoreyslahs The coolest 1 month ago

he could’ve just left trey at the hospital and dipped

by Feeds MIA 3 weeks ago

Who else look to they door when that knock happened?😂

by Kwon 2k2x 1 month ago

He said he loves tray but he wouldn't go to jail for a five year old man that's 💯

by Katherine Johnson 1 month ago

Didn’t think I’d watch this all the way through😂 shits almost a rico story vibe!

by Kamrin Johnson 3 weeks ago

Imagine beating up a kid and 2 mins later you get shot 3 times by the kid u just beat up

by Lamaan Hill Jr 3 weeks ago

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