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Slipknot Sarcastrophe Guitar Cover HD - (Guitar Only) PLUS LESSON!! Tristan Wilson

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Tris M photo 1 Slipknot Sarcastrophe Guitar Cover HD... Tris M photo 2 Slipknot Sarcastrophe Guitar Cover HD... Tris M photo 3 Slipknot Sarcastrophe Guitar Cover HD... Tris M photo 4 Slipknot Sarcastrophe Guitar Cover HD...

Hey everyone, I finally posted my first original song "Bleed" on my new channel, here it is-
It's a dark electronic rock song that I poured my heart and soul into. If you're a big fan of BMTH or Linkin Park I guarantee you will not be disappointed!! It would mean the world to me if you listened to it :) Thanks

by Tris M 2 months ago

It seems like the most difficult part of playing Slipknot stuff is getting the rhythm right. I don't get why everybody disses them for being so "simple".

by Mega Dooche 4 years ago

So I was on Omegle tonight and I ran into someone who recognized me from this video! Crazy!

by Tris M 5 years ago

way better than hearing the song in background

by Hass Aface 5 years ago

Badass man! Love the intro.

by Dizney4j 5 years ago

Anyone know the chords at ?

by Craig S 5 years ago

Really sounds a lot like Mickโ€™s live tone on the Gray Chapter. Fuckin rocks, dude๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

by UGL Void 3 weeks ago

Love it man, did the song justice for sure.

by John Hiebert 1 year ago

tight as fuu!!

by Dessum 5 years ago

Excellent cover, loving the camera angles as I have tried search for the tab in many places, definitely helped me learn it. Great job dude!

by F1reblade Warlock 5 years ago

I'm totally sharing this vid xD

by Kiara Mess 5 years ago

Dude...that was amazing! Stay (sic)!

by Tspidey 99 5 years ago

Very clean sound and playing :) awesome cover!

by bubrek123 5 years ago

Love how I'll never be able to do anything like this ever, no matter what I buy and how much I try. :'^))

by what are you, fucking gay? 3 years ago

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