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Non-proliferation (Iran) - Security Council meeting

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Tune in for the Security Council meeting on nuclear non-proliferation in the Islamic Republic of Iran with the participation of the Secretary-General.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the Security Council to renew the arms embargo on Iran which is set to expire four months from now “because of the flawed nuclear deal negotiated by the previous American administration.”
Addressing a virtual Security Council meeting today (30 Jun), Pompeo said the arms embargo on the “world's most heinous terrorist regime is scheduled to expire on October 18.” He added, “This Chamber has a choice: stand for international peace and security as the United Nations founder intended; or let the arms embargo on the Islamic Republic of Iran expire, betraying the UN's mission and its finest ideals which we have all pledged to uphold."
The Secretary of State said if the Council failed to act, Iran would be free to buy Russian fighter jets, advance its submarine fleet, buy advanced technology for its proxies - including Hizbullah and the Houthis, and become a rogue weapons dealer supplying arms to conflicts around the world..
SOUNDBITE (English) Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State, United States of America, "Iran is already violating the arms embargo, even before its expiration date. Imagine if Iranian activity were sanctioned, authorized by this group, if the restrictions are lifted."
Pompeo noted that the UN Secretary-General’s report on implementing resolution 2231, which adopted the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), confirmed that weapons used to attack Saudi Arabia were of Iranian origin. He said Iran used advanced weapons to attack the coalition forces in Iraq and was supplying weapons to terrorist groups.
The US Secretary of State told the Council that nearly 400 members of the US Congress supported extending arms embargo. He said the US concern was one of national security not partisan politics.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the United States’ unilateralism is intensely assaulting international cooperation and institutions, adding that complacency has encouraged this behaviour.
Zarif said, for the first time in history, a permanent member of the Security Council was punishing law abiding countries and citizens for not violating the Council’s resolution. He said despite the US violations of resolution 2231, there has not been a single meeting on the issue, instead some European countries are considering further undermining the Council and its resolutions by reneging their JCPOA commitments..
Zarif said the US pressured the United Nations to adopt a perverse reading of the resolution which was rejected by three JCPOA participants, China, Russia, and Iran. He said the US coerced the UN Secretariat to rely on forged documents to produce an unprofessional report outside of its mandate, while it also tried to absolve the Saudi-led coalition of well documented child-killing in Yemen.
SOUNDBITE (English) Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister, Islamic Republic of Iran, “This status quo is neither acceptable nor sustainable. The international community in general and the United Nations Security Council in particular are facing an important decision: do we maintain respect for the rule of law? Or do we return to the law of the jungle by surrendering to the whims of an outlaw bully."

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