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Bad Bad Beans

#latte art #tutorial #starbucks #fail #Comedy
In search of the energy to fuel a long day of making sweet sweet internet content, Mark and Ethan turn some bad bad beans into good good latte art. #LattAnnus
(shoutout to Bon Appetit for inspiring this video)
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Unus Annus.

#coffee #american coffee #react #markiplier #unus annus #how to #espresso #crankgameplays #try #latte art fail #memento mori #how to make latte art

Unus Annus photo 1 Bad Bad Beans Unus Annus photo 2 Bad Bad Beans Unus Annus photo 3 Bad Bad Beans Unus Annus photo 4 Bad Bad Beans

Mark: Bad beans, disgusting beans, filthy beans-
Ethan: t i n y p e n i s

by Jandycane 4 months ago

Today we answer the question: How many grown men does it take to make a latte?

The answer is:
Just one, as long as it's not Mark or Ethan

by GippyHappy 3 months ago

mark: insulting beans
Ethan: uncomfortably standing off to the side
Ethan: joins in on the insulting of the beans

by Aubrey Bruck 2 months ago

Mark: treats Espresso machine like a masochistic bottom.
Ethan: treats Espresso machine like a masochistic bottom
Mark: You disgust me.
Ethan: I am confused?

by Grace Winchester-Baggins 3 months ago

mark: protect your eyes
ethan, in the softest, babeyist voice: ...my eyes?

by Hailey Turner 2 months ago

alternate title: two grown men being afraid of a coffee machine for 10 minutes

by officiallyjaden 4 months ago

Ethan: that's a great beat to listen to!


Mark: dances

by Long Legs 3 months ago

Things that went horribly wrong:
They didn’t clean the machine first
They didn’t set a few shots to let the machine warm up
They used a flimsy meltable container for steaming milk
They didn’t even use shot glasses so the coffee/milk proportion was terrible
They poured in the milk too slowly, the foam at the end makes the design
They didn’t mix the coffee at all
What even... why?

by Kyanite14 3 months ago

"Ah.. Beans."

"Beans are evil."

"Bad bad beans."

by Reese Paul 3 months ago

Remember when Mark tried aerial silks? Remember when he said “I’ll be back with one of my friends. He used to be a gymnast.” Unnus Annus idea? I’d love to see Mark and Ethan do aerial silks!

by FRICK FACE MCGEE 4 months ago

2 things:

1. Mark genuinely cracking up at Ethan's demon noises is honestly adorable.
2. Even if he was just trying to be deliberately weird about it, Ethan attempting dirty talk is certainly... interesting.

by StevieWho 1 month ago

mark: steaming milk
milk: screams of the unborn dead and dying corpses of babies
ethan: disco dancing

by Kit-Kat .69 1 month ago

Mark: Makes blob of frothy milk that’s supposed to be a design


by hobis sprite 2 months ago

I’m screaming in coffee at this whole video.

The 8 years of being a barista I have is slowly dying. 💀

by Fernando Hernandez 4 months ago

Mark is essentially a father trying to teach Ethan, his hyperactive son, the basics of life. While Amy stands by and records for the family VHS tape.

by Honning Jordbaer 4 months ago

why is nobody commenting on the wholesome dadiplier moment at
mark: be careful unlocking that
ethan: still reaching for it
mark, waving him away from it: let me
mark is just doing what needs to be done, protecting the blue boy

by Hailey Turner 2 months ago

nO one:

no a siNgle sOul:

Ethan: u bad beans. look at you smol pp, bet you can't do anything with that

by Sherry Garrett 4 months ago

Mark: “Cadillac of espresso machines”
Ethan: “Dirty, dirty beans”
Me: there’s a goose. I want the goose

by Taylor Andreas 1 month ago

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