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Beer Sauna: Turning a Portable Sauna into a Portable Hell

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Amy bought us a portable sauna that allows you to enjoy a steamy sauna wherever you'd like! Just add liquid! Unfortunately... the liquid we chose was Beer and Redbull...
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

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As soon as Evan said the words “Pee Sauna”, Mark and Ethan’s whole lives flashed before their eyes.

by Ben Paterson 2 months ago

Plot twist: Ethan and Mark actually created the coronavirus to avoid the dreaded pee sauna

by Susan Butterworth 1 month ago

The pee sauna is yet to arrive, like a looming figure in the distance.

by EMMA CAVILL 1 month ago

Therapist: Long neck Ethan isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.

Long neck Ethan:

by Sad Croissant 1 month ago

I’m just imagining Ethan getting pulled over and being like, “No, it’s not what it looks like! See, basically, my friend and I run a YouTube cult and his girlfriend bought us mini black tent thing with a hood and I got naked and got in it and my friend who runs the YouTube cult with me boiled beer and pumped the steamed beer into the little tent and his girlfriend recorded it so we can show all of your loyal cult members! But don’t worry officer, next time we won’t use beer. Well use urine. See! Believe me now!”

by Jake Vautier 2 months ago

Evan: "What about a pee sauna?"
Ethan: (hysterically laughing) "Evan what have you *wheeze* what have you *gasp* what have you done?!?"
Meanwhile Mark in the background: *intense war flashbacks of the time they drank pee*

by Tyto tenebricosa 1 month ago

Am I the only one that wanted to hear Ethans story in the car

by Campbell Brown 1 month ago

When Evan brings up the Pee Sauna it looked like Mark was having PTSD flashbacks.

by IceOut.- 1 month ago

If I wake up tomorrow... and “Pee Sauna” is in my notifications...

by Ella Kaplan 2 months ago

I think Ethan actually panicked a little when he thought Mark might take a sip of the beer.

by Lizzy Bonner 1 month ago

The moment the words "pee" and "sauna" left Evan's lips, our fates were sealed.

by - ᴛʀᴀᴘ - 2 weeks ago

Alternative title: Ethan makes a choice and regrets it immensely

by Ari Nicole 1 month ago

I’m s t i l l not mentally prepared for P e E s A U n A

by Skye 1 month ago

Police to Ethan: “Sir, can you explain why you smell like beer?”
“Well, actually, that’s a funny story-“

by Anne Lise 2 months ago

Mark didn’t want to drink the high life because it would kill him, he just wanted to see if he could handle it

by Camaniagames 2 weeks ago

Ethan and Evan: Mentions pee sauna
Mark: Look of pure horror.

by Jace Akabane 1 month ago

Mark in 2013 Drunk minecraft: No wade you'll diiieeee.
Mark 2020: oh how the tables have turned

by Dulcinea Parker 1 month ago

Pee Sauna is going to be the second to last video they release Im calling it now

by Emily Paige 4 weeks ago

"they have toilet paper and stuff too"

-the sacred item. tOiLeT pApeR...

by Lucy Adams 1 month ago

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