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Bigfoot is Real and It Ate My Friend

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Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Another keyword. He goes by many names. But once you see the irrefutable evidence... you will only call him... friend.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

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I read the title as “Bigfoot is real and is my boyfriend”

by Calvin Hall 2 weeks ago

“80% of Canada is uninhabited.”
Welp, I know where I’m moving—

by bruh that’s a mood 2 weeks ago

Ethan: He
Mark: She
Ethan: She?
Mark: She?
Ethan: We don’t know... they?
Mark: They? /They./

.. as a non-binary person, this made me do a lil happy giggle

by Danielle Rose 2 weeks ago

Ethan: I forgot the northwest territories exists.
Me a Canadian: so do we

by Maddie 2 weeks ago

I feel like everyday in quarantine we descend further down insanity

by Baconator611 3 weeks ago

That would be so cool if they actually did a trip to Canada even as a joke the cinematography would/could be so beautiful especially to see after quarantine

by Rudy Martinez 2 weeks ago

Mark: She? He?
Ethan: She? They.
Mark: They.

Me: 😏 My dudes. Respect.

by Katie Marigold 2 weeks ago

There literally aren't roads to Nunavut, the northernmost territory of Canada. Like you just can't drive there ever. Also, Hudson's Bay, that big ass chunk missing on the right side of the country that is very well known? ya can't get there unless you got a plane (or a boat I guess)

by Cory Wattenburg 2 weeks ago

Mark: Gigantopythicathicics
Music every time he messes up: ~record scratch~

by Armp 10 2 weeks ago

Any other Canadians that felt weirdly proud when they were talking about how big and forested Canada is?

by trash mammal 3 weeks ago

Here's a fun fact, my dad's a bigfoot researcher and he's actually a member of BFRO. Growing up he'd go one weeklong expeditions to find proof, and he'd record the woods around our house for vocalizations and other stuff. He's also a published author of books about his research.

by Larkiaquail 2 weeks ago

Ethan - "When this is all over"
....knowing full well that this is probably going to last until past November.....
Secundus Annus confirmed!

by RFDEMON87 2 weeks ago

Ethan: there’s a lot of sightings in Florida
Mark: yeah Florida is full of people who don’t listen to reason

Me from Florida: ummmm.... (looks out the window in the huge forest I have next door) I mean

by daniicefox 2 weeks ago

“Didnt think there be so many in florida” me:do not underestimate Florida mans

by ll Karma 2 weeks ago

This channel isn't turning into a conspiracy channel just like Mark isn't a masochist and Unus Annus isn't a cult.

by Vedant Varma 3 weeks ago

Mark:"I think florida is just full of people that are out of their minds and are just a bunch of nutsos and don't listen to logic"
Me: I have never been so offended by something I 100 percent agree with

by Ricardo Perez Santiago 2 weeks ago

Did mark really just say "the border between North America and Canada"??😂

by Solace E 2 weeks ago

when mark was trying to pronounce Gigantoplthelus it sounded like what i imagine a keyboard smash to sound like irl

by fml 2 weeks ago

I know that you guys probably won’t see the but my social studies teacher Jim Sherman is obsessed with Bigfoot and I’m sure he would love to help you find big foot his YouTube channel is LordCryptid!

by Jae The Bae 2 weeks ago

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