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Eating Only Onions for 24 Hours: How Many Onions Does it Take to Kill a Man?

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As Shrek once told me in a dark alley on a stormy night, "Onions have layers..." That message has been cemented into my mind among other things Shrek whispered into my ear. But in this video we discover the true versatility of the mythical Onion and if there is such a thing as too much Onion.
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Unus Annus.

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Unus Annus photo 1 Eating Only Onions for 24... Unus Annus photo 2 Eating Only Onions for 24... Unus Annus photo 3 Eating Only Onions for 24... Unus Annus photo 4 Eating Only Onions for 24...

Mark: powers through and eats the onions
Ethan: sobs on his kitchen floor

by Myrin 3 days ago

Ethan looks like he's having a serious hangover.

by gabriel hamlet 1 day ago

Mark: Eats 9 onions and just chills
Ethan: Eats 1 bowl of french onion soup and has a mental breakdown

by HC Vibes 1 day ago

Ethan: “important knife skills-“

Ethan in Markiplier makes: pie: Tosses apple in air and cuts it downward into the bowl.

Mmm that’s ironic...

by Cryptious 1 day ago

mark: This is fine. just do this normally
Ethan: Has a anxiety attack over a onion

by ddemon1000 21 hours ago

I love how Ethan is actually trying while Mark is just like: SAUTE ONION

by fiferona 3 days ago

Well if they find out how many onions it takes to kill a man, at least we finally know who killed markiplier

by halo bluetooth 1 day ago

I bet Mark says "It was Amy's idea", but it was his idea, and he "wanted to see if he would be able to take it".

by Andrei Banu 1 day ago

Ethan: cutting his onions like a professional
Mark: HIYA

by Kira - Kira 23 hours ago

Ethan has a mental breakdown over onions 1919 colorized.

by jadoge 333 13 hours ago

Ethan: looks up actual recipe, spends hours making french onion soup

Mark: adds butter

by Hyoko 3 days ago

My favorite quotes from this video

Mark: "Just because you have an idea doesn't mean it is a good idea."

Ethan: "What did you eat today?"

Amy: no specific quote, this video was her idea. It's hilarious. Thank you Amy.

by jemima bautista 1 day ago

Ethan : Have we re searched what can happen to us?

Me : Ya know... Don't do that... A woman died from eating onions for a day so... Might as well not do that....

by Bluestar Forest 1 day ago

The fact that Ethan knows proper knife skills makes me appreciate him more. I worked in a kitchen for years and have sliced and diced so many different things .
Very cool!

by FKD 1 day ago

20 years later ethan's kids would ask why onions are banned in their house and they'll never know about unus annus.

by lisa b 22 hours ago

I was starting to believe mark wasn’t a masochist and then he dropped this little baby on us. How foolish I was...

by Biscuits The Anteater 3 days ago

This is going to sound strange, but sometimes I wonder if Mark's friends really want to be his friends...he kinda comes across aggressive with these "experiments." I don't know if that is all apart of it or what.

by Hazuk.i Sonohara 1 day ago

Mark having a Fiona cardboard cutout in the background is perfect

by KayleeKakes 1 day ago

....Onions are just layered apples that grows underground with a weird smell.

by Xliter_ Chaos 54 1 day ago

"Ogres are like onions, and Shrek is life" I think that's the original quote

by YourInnerWolfe 1 day ago

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